Impact Of Google Pigeon Update On Local Search Results

For the sake of local search results, Google brought Pigeon Update – one of Google’s biggest-impact algorithm update. The effect of this update was felt by local businesses in relation to their website’s analytics data.

Google Pigeon Update


In terms of searching for local businesses and their information, Google users got a different and better search experience.

Launched on or around July 24, 2014, “Pigeon” update offered better local search results by rewarding better visibility to local  businesses that have strong organic presence. This enabled search visibility even for small businesses irrespective of their size or brand popularity, so they were no longer at disadvantage with respect to other larger businesses in the area.

Pigeon Update Made Some Impactful Changes

Google enhanced numerous ranking signals for both Google Search and Google maps in order to improve its local search  capabilities. So, based on proximity, users could get local relevant results because of the improvement in Google’s location and distance ranking parameters.

Since July 2014, there was transformational improvement in local search with the launch of Pigeon. A series of Pigeon updates  followed the initial launch leading to gradual improvement. Some minor issues at the beginning of Pigeon launch were corrected with subsequent updates.

All the noticeable glitches that came up with Pigeon’s first launch were soon corrected. Around August, 2014, the first Pigeon update was launched which corrected some of the issues. Since the initial July, 2014 deployment of Pigeon, numerous updates  have been launched in order to bring improvement to the local search experience. Such a major algorithm change often needs  refreshes. 

One of the most impactful algorithm updates of all times, Pigeon has made much contribution towards making local businesses visible to users and thus in turn has created more business opportunities.

Google Rolls Out New features In New AdWords Interface For Testing

Before Black Friday, Google made some exciting new announcements for AdWords advertisers. 

AdWords promotion extensions were in the testing phase since last year. Now, the new AdWords interface will have these promotions in text ads as they are being rolled out globally in all supported AdWords languages and currencies. Without any  need to create new ads, advertisers can display specific offers in their text ads with these promotion extensions, such as  discount offers or any promotional code.

Custom Intent Audiences

With the rollout of custom intent audiences on the Google Display Network, advertisers can now reach people who are interested in  purchasing their specific products.

Custom intent audiences have two flavors. In the first type, advertisers can create their own audience. As per the URLs and topics visited by users, advertisers can target those users who might be interested in their products. An automated and machine learning based system is the second type of variation. An audience will be created by Google on the basis of campaign and characteristics of target customers.

In the form of an auto-created audience, Audience Center will have the auto-generated custom intent audience lists for the advertisers. For each of these audiences, reach and performance estimates will be shown.

Ad Variations

Now ad variations will be tested in a new manner in the new AdWords. In a few clicks, ad variations can be tested across  thousands of ads. The results of these tests will be shown by Google after they gain statistical significance.

In the new UI, an Ad Variations tab can now be seen along with Campaign Experiments and Campaign Drafts. Displays paths  and descriptions can now be tested using these ad variations.

Google Begins Rolling Out Messaging Feature Within Google Business!!!

Google is going to roll out a messaging feature to the customers of Google My Business. The customers of Google are noticing the new feature within the Google My Business. Google has begun the testing of this feature in the month of November last year.

Now, it has been confirmed by Google that this feature is completely rolling out to business in the USA and people are able to test in on the businesses that are accessible to them under the account of Google My Business.

Let’s check out the steps:

Firstly, when you will go the home page of Google My Business, then you will see a new section for ‘messaging’. It is present on the left and in the middle of the options, you’ll notice ‘Message with customers’ written.
When you’ll click it for the first time, then you will require configuring the Allo device’s mobile number, the one with which you want to connect.
After the verification process, you need to set up an auto reply for your customers, who are going to make use of this feature.
After completing all the setup task you are done. Now, whenever anyone will see the local panel of your company in the mobile search, then they will notice a ‘message’ option, on which they can click easily. If we talk about iOS, then it will take the customers to their native messaging app and will allow them to message any business.
After this, the business owners will receive the message in their native messaging app or in Allo and thus, they can respond to them.
This feature is fully rolling out now, you must try to avail its benefits.

Voice Search: Why B2B Marketers Need To Pay Attention Now?

Nowadays, voice search is being used for various purposes and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is also affecting the B2B decision makers. Although voice search is generally discussed in the context of the local and B2C SEO, but now it is being used for more than getting locations, direction and search results.

If we consider who is using the voice search, why they are making use of voice search and where it is being used, then it will become clear that the impact of voice search on B2B is very effective. The people are adopting the newest technology and thus, the brands need to optimize for the voice search.

Who is actually using voice technology?

If we go back in time to the year 2014, then about 55% of teens and 41% of adults were already indulged in voice search mechanism. The adults generally use it in order to dictate the text and illustrate their desire to not type on the keypad anymore. The teens usually use it for the help in homework and all this demonstrate an early adoption of voice search for organic searching.

People are going to personal assistant devices and the number is increasing day by day, actually they are getting accustomed to operating technology and using voice commands is fun for them. This kind of familiarity will eventually translate to the organic search and because of the ease of use this technology will gain more and more popularity over time.

More and more people of different age groups are using this technology not only at home but for their official work as well. Thus, being a B2B marketer you have to be up to date with voice search technology.

Change In Your Google Search Algorithm

Have you checked that there has been a serious Google algorithm update? It’s true that Google has been rolling out an important and a very large search algorithm update starting from 25th June. Although there is no confirmation from the Google yet, John Mueller said that “we make updates all the time”, when he was asked about the Google update.

According to the experts, there has been an update to the Google search rankings since the last few days and it is still rolling out.

Except John Mueller, no one has replied to the speculations about new algorithm. But, according to the industry and the automated tracking tool from Advanced Web Rankings, Algoroo, SERP Metrics, Moz cast, Accuranker, SEM Rush and Rank Ranger, there must have been some update.

Recently, Matt Cutts has warned about the multi-week algorithm update ending just after 4th July, it might be possible that this update is that one only. But, still there is no good way to tell this and no one has confirmed the nature of the update. The one day spike doesn’t seem to be a gradual roll-out of anything, but it is possible, that we will experience some large-scale instability during this period of time.

Also, there are chances that Google has released a quality adjustment, which will hit a lot of PMDs. Proves are not there, so we can’t reach to the answer, but surely there is some change.

Introduction Of Voice Search And How It Can Impact!!

According to the recent survey by the Google, 55% of the teens and 41% of the adults are using the voice search for about more than once in a day. The recent studies have also suggested that the use of voice search will become more than double in the coming five years.

So, it’s clear that the next wave of the customers will be asking about your produces and services from the Google verbally. They will not opt for typing, as voice search will be more comfortable and a preferable option for the modern internet users. Google, Amazon, and Microsoft have modifications related to the voice search, as this trend is more appealing in between the people.

Year after year, Google is adding and tweaking their technology in order to understand what modern users wants from the search engine or what they are feeding into the search engine. With the availability of voice search, the search engine has become a little kid, who has grown up and now understands what we have to convey to him. The voice search has enabled us to have an actual conversation with a very cool and more innovative thing.

If we look at it from the reporting perspective, then Google has hinted previous year that the voice search will be coming to the search console search analytics report, but still, there is no timeframe about when this will roll out in real.

Google and other search engines have already collected this data, but it hasn’t been figured out yet, how the queries will be parsed. So, it’s just about time now and soon it will be easy for the people to search any products and services.

Google Says Use Disavow File When Threatened With Negative SEO

Negative SEO threats have been seen before; recently one was received by Bill Hartzer. People are forwarding these emails to Google, asking what to do. Google told people to not pay them and disavow them. John Mueller from Google posted on Twitter saying that “I’d disavow those links”.

Google even responded to those emails, that it is unclear how credible this threat really is. Google’s algorithms are designed to prevent such activities and causing any problems to webmasters. If we talk about a few specific links, then disavow tool can be used. Google recommends reporting extortion to law enforcement, though it will not do much good if the emails are sent from the countries where countries law enforcement has no control. But if you are receiving these emails on Google, then Google has told to report at
This negative SEO extortion is not at all a new thing. Many cases have been seen before and not specific emails are going out to various site owners and even webmasters.

If you are very much concerned about this thing, then using disavow tool is the solution. But you do need to keep a check on your recent links in Google Webmaster Tools. After that, you can simply disavow them or any other links that concern you. By doing this, you will make it difficult for these guys to hurt your site.

Actually, the real concern is about the Penguin algorithm and all the manual actions regarding the link penalties. The SEO experts and even the webmasters think that it is very easy to perform negative SEO on a site, but in real it is not.

So, don’t worry, if you are one of the receivers of such emails, then just disavow them.

Google’s Fred Update- Confirmed!

A real confirmation has been finally received the update named Google Fred Update. This update is meant for targeting the content sites, which contains a low value.

John Mueller spoke about this particular issue in his Webmaster Hangout, and after an hour and a half, Gary Illyes confirmed the update in his tweet.

John Mueller was asked about the update and he gave a wonderful answer to all the questions in return. One of the questions was about the issue, that if people are following all the Google guidelines and still can’t get to the top rankings, then what can they do?….also, people were thinking that Fred update is turning off the lights.

In answer to such issues, John replied that Initially if all the people are following the guidelines made by Google, then things are going right in a technical way, this means that there are only quality issues on any site if still, the ranking is low. It indicates that you need an overall improvement in your content and on your site and you need to focus on the quality if you want to reach to the higher ranks.

Thus, there is no specific answer to such type of questions and there is no particular meta tag which could transform the quality of your site. In general, you require to take a big leap or may be a step back, like you need to get people who might be interested in your content to view your site and provide some suggestions and advice, which will help you in making your site better as compared to other sites. A survey will be a good option to get the answers to all your queries, people will tell you what more you can do to get ahead in the competition. You can focus on the tweak things and as well as improve the quality in a subtle way to get the higher rank. You need to take a stab at it and also require to figure out what efforts you can make to enhance the overall quality of your site.

Google Introduces Shortcuts For Faster Access To Information

Google has now brought tappable shortcuts to its Android and iOS app as well as to its mobile search. This will allow its users one-touch access to all the information about particular topics.

Now, upon landing on the home screen, searchers will be met with a carousel of swipe-able shortcuts to information about things like sports, food & beverage, entertainment, weather, and more.

In comparison to iOS users, Android users will be having access to additional shortcuts, including:

Nearby attractions
Internet speed test
Roll a die
Animal sounds
Currency converter
Along with the given additions, the company wants its users to bypass the traditional search box in order to find what they’re looking for in a faster manner. Now, just with a single tap on the entertainment shortcut, you’ll be able to see what all is playing the coming weekend at a theater near you.

Confused about nearby dining options? Then, the “eat and drink shortcut” will be your guide. For sports, if you’re a football fan, you really don’t have to type anything to know the latest scores.

Google suggests: Keep your application updated in order find the recently used shortcuts and all these will be on continuous updations for current events.