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    • 1Is your SEO agency providing you good business value with the right backlinks?
    • 2Do you need an expert to run a thorough check on the current backlink profile of the site to verify the SEO agency's work?
    • 3Our experienced team of backlink audit professionals will provide you with the most effective audit that checks for backlinks' health.
    • 4We inspect the backlinks generated by your SEO agency and verify whether they actually add value to your digital marketing.
    • 5If you have an ongoing SEO by another SEO agency, but need a trained pair of eyes to go through the backlinks present on your site, then you can contact us.


    Find out with us.

    Our link audit service helps to boost the performance of your website.

    You may have an SEO expert do your website’s SEO, but may be worried about the effectiveness of backlinking. Green Web Media can check the backlinks’ health and suggest improving them, to boost your SEO campaign’s success.

    With our backlink audit services, you can increase your site’s visibility on search engines and social media sites.

    Google considers it important that your site links to high-authority domains in your line of business. We check and give you a complete list of spammy and suspicious links.

    This way, you can eliminate these and sustain the growth momentum you aspire for with your SEO campaign.


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    What is backlinking?

    Backlinking is nothing but a link from somebody else’s page coming to your site. Depending on the nature of your business, industry vertical, and target audience, you have the option of earning backlinks from multiple sites.

    But not all sites are equal in the eyes of Google bots. Some have good domain authority, while others have poor domain authority. If you earn backlinks from high-ranking websites, then it is termed a high-quality backlink.

    What is backlink auditing?

    Backlinks are hard to earn. And quality backlinks are incredibly harder to earn. This is where we at Green Web Media come to the fore. With proven techniques like guest blogging and customized link-building campaigns, you get to link to quality websites that are considered authoritative in your line of business.

    We make sure to target only those referring domains that carry immense value and trust in the eyes of Google bots. If there are any existing backlinks that can cause a drop in rankings, we make sure to remove such red flags that impede your business’ success.

    What backlinking audit services do we offer?

    1 – Do follow vs. no follow ratio
    We scrutinize the dofollow vs. nofollow ratio for your site. If the referring domain is trustworthy, it needs to have the dofollow tag so that link equity or link juice can pass from that site to your website. The right proportion for these link types is essential for long-term success.

    2 – Toxic backlink checks
    Bad and suspicious links like spammy PNBs (private blog networks) offer no link juice in the eyes of Google. Hence, they may lead to a penalty on the website. We inspect the site to detect the presence of such suspicious links and remove them. If a Google penalty has hit the site due to such bad links, we clean up the mess and request Google to lift the penalty imposed on the site.

    3 – Cleanup services
    The comprehensive audit will now bring up a list of bad links that should not exist on your website. Now we execute the next phase of our backlink auditing services, i.e., cleanup services. We deliver personalized messages to request the webmaster to remove the link. We also use the link disavowal technique to keep tabs on bad links and keep away from them.

    4 – Penalty removal steps
    After a meticulous backlinks audit and subsequent cleanup, we help you in further steps. We request Google bots to restore rankings and assure them that your website follows only legit backlink approaches.

    These services come together to deliver meaningful and lasting value to your business. With these services, we at Green Web Media make certain to eliminate all negative effects of the harmful spammy links that link back to your website.

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      [1] Experience
      Even if you have a dedicated SEO agency, they may not be able to help you with quality backlinks. We offer backlink audit services so that you get a clear idea about whether you are getting ROI from your existing SEO vendor.

      [2] Versatility
      We help identify and eliminate suspicious links that can count as black hat SEO in the eyes of Google. This step has a direct effect on your ranking for relevant search phrases from your intended customers.

      [3] Trustworthiness
      We have a proven track record in effective backlink auditing services. This means that you can rely on us to know what we are doing in this aspect of SEO. You can leave it to us to sift through each and every link with an eagle eye focus. This way, you can say goodbye to spammy links that hurt your search rankings.

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      We will help you determine if your SEO agency is doing its job right with our backlink auditing services. Be ready for increased business enquiries and higher conversion rates with our proven track record in backlink auditing services.

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