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SEO Consulting Services In India

Your search for a reliable and cost-effective SEO consultant in India bears fruit with Green Web Media. We provide deeply tailored SEO campaigns to give your digital business the boost it deserves in terms of higher search traffic, better brand visibility, and traction in user acquisition online. Our team of consultants work with you to ensure that you have a successful SEO campaign.

We specialize in providing you a complete package. Your new website has a fresh presence online. But do your customers know about your presence? How do you manage to make a mark in the overcrowded digital space? We come across as the best SEO consultant in India with expertise in enhancing brand visibility among companies across a range of industries.

Why Hire the Best SEO Consultancy in India?

Our SEO consultant services deliver exceptional results in converting strangers to leads to loyal customers. We assist you in letting your customers discover your business, know about your value propositions, and convert to repeat customers and augment your business bottom lines.

Be it your third-party vendors or in-house resources, our consultants work with different stakeholders to meet the larger objective of digital marketing for your venture. We collaborate with you on strategizing the most appropriate tactics. Right from leveraging keyword opportunities to consultation whitepapers, we can do all these and much more. This makes us your preferred experts for SEO consulting services India.

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What do our SEO services include?

We are known for putting your business in front of customers who are searching for your business offerings. Some of our key offerings as the best SEO consultant in India include

  • Website audit & analysis

    We carry out a comprehensive analysis and audit of the existing website to check for potential problems that are a barrier to generating more visibility online

  • Competitive Research

    We understand your line of business and industry vertical to carve out a buyer persona. We also augment our SEO strategy with the help of competitive analysis. This helps us understand what your industry peers do to drive organic traffic to their sites.

  • Optimization

    Once we have a fair idea of the roadmap to be followed, we get down to the actual implementation of the SEO strategy. We assign a dedicated project manager that keeps you informed of the progress.

  • Keyword research and analysis

    We perform a meticulous keyword research to understand what will be the query that users will feed into the search engine to discover businesses like yours.

  • Original content

    We specialize in generating unique and plagiarism-free content meant to drive traffic to your website. Our content is captivating and relevant enough to hold the user’s attention and give them the impetus to go to the call to action.

  • On page and off page optimization

    Right from meta tags to headings and content, we do extensive on-page optimization on the website elements to improve its searchability on the site. We also do off-page SEO like quality backlinks, directory submission, and social bookmarking.

  • Element optimization

    We create sitemaps, maintain and edit websites to maintain its edge over your peers.

SEO Consultancy with Proven Results!

Our team of experts in SEO consultant services in India have the capabilities to apply latest search engine algorithm requirements to drive traffic the white hat way. Here are some outcomes we work towards –

Increase in Rankings

With our best practices in SEO techniques, we assist websites to improve the rankings. By targeting the right set of keywords relevant to your products/ services, we optimize the site for best results in the form of higher rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Optimized Site Architecture

The layout and format of the website play a crucial role in correct SEO techniques. Our consultants help get the website structure optimized for relevance, context, and hence better success at the time of indexing by the web crawlers.

Secure HTTP Connections

We adhere to the latest Google algorithm norms. This includes abiding by the HTTPS protocols and thus getting a ranking boost for your website. We do an audit of the existing HTTPS sites for potential problems as well as go for HTTP to HTTPS transitions.

Better Mobile Compliance

As the best SEO consultant in India, we optimize your site for the mobile – an important ranking consideration in place since the last few years. This way, we specialize in mobile friendly websites that generate better traffic by augmenting mobile users. Additionally, this provides a higher likelihood of search engine rankings improvement.

AMP Protocols

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) go a long way in improving site load speed and ranking better on SERPs. Our experts in SEO consulting services India have the competency in improving load times and making the site responsive.

Bring Down Bounce Rate

With a thorough analysis of how many users are entering and exiting your site in a matter of a few seconds, you can eliminate such spammy backlinks. This in turn, brings down the bounce rate of your website, and improves your search ranking signals.

Attention to Microdata

The schema microdata of your site goes a long way in improving local business search results. As a part of the SEO consulting services India, we optimize the metadata markup and help you rank in the local market. Be it local retail store or eCommerce website, your business gets enhanced click-through rates and better conversion.

URL Optimization

We see to it that every page of the site has a well-defined and clear URL Address. This helps in clarifying the Google crawler about the nature of the page being crawled during indexing. This is one more essential SEO consultant services we provide at our company.

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