Business in Covid 19
Business in Covid 19


Why COVID-19 Should Not Put a Brake on Your Digital Marketing?

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic attack continues unraveling horror stories across the globe. Many companies are revising revenue forecasts due to the heavy losses incurred with the lockdown and the global economic slowdown.

But does lockdown really mean slow down for your business?

Can you utilize this period to still work on your business growth?

We say, “Why Not?”

No need to lock down digital marketing activities

Many companies would look at halting marketing activities and suspend work. But we believe in looking at an optimistic view even in such a grim situation.

We see a drastic change in the way people buy things. Plus, we also understand that online content consumption has increased in this period of lockdown, where people have a lot of time on their hands and a smartphone to spend the time.

Imagine if your brand keeps popping up in search results due to continuous SEO campaigns working for you.

This scenario is exactly why we feel strongly that this is the right time to go out there, make an impact, and boost your brand visibility among your intended audience.

Why it makes perfect sense to continue digital marketing in times of COVID-19?

We have listed the below compelling reasons why you should not halt digital marketing activities for your brand and let your competition gain an edge over you.

1 – More preference for online

The risky behavior associated with buying from a physical store has compelled many people to go online and purchase products. This has raised the attractiveness of online retail.

When more and more people come online, it is SEO and digital marketing that will give you an edge to stand apart from your competitors and grab customer attention.

2 – Low competition

Many businesses have suspended online operations. This low competition has cleared the way for you to make an even more significant impact.

When you continually carry out SEO activities, you can be assured to first page rankings on Google search results page, thus propelling your brand in front of your audience.

3 – Better ROI

SEO is a continuous activity. When we design campaigns, we do it for long term ROI. If you suspend SEO for even a month, it means that your rankings also get affected. The hard work you have done over the past few weeks will not yield any results.

Also, when you resume SEO activity later, you will have to do it from the grounds up again. Hence, we recommend that if you have been doing SEO, it’s best to continue with it.

Remember – the virus is temporary, but your business will be permanent.

4 – Better site performance

How many times has the team tried to get together to revamp the website, but couldn’t do so? This time is a golden opportunity to revamp your website as per the modern-day customer preferences and as per the latest Google algorithm updates.

With many of the marketing team members at home, they can finally come together to see how to craft a better web presence by updating their website. Be it adding more content, boosting presence online, or improving the metadata, we can help you with these activities.

To conclude

The first half of 2020 has taken a toll on the profitability of many businesses. But we feel that those who persevere and continue with core marketing activities will reap the rewards in the second half of 2020.

With continuous digital marketing, you enjoy a favorable brand recall value in front of your target audience. Hence, when they are ready making a purchase decision after coming out of the lockdown, they will remember your brand first – a hallmark for engagement and conversion online.

Keep your digital marketing going, and get a competitive advantage once normalcy returns post the COVID-19 menace.

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