Google Rolls Out New features In New AdWords Interface For Testing

Before Black Friday, Google made some exciting new announcements for AdWords advertisers. 

AdWords promotion extensions were in the testing phase since last year. Now, the new AdWords interface will have these promotions in text ads as they are being rolled out globally in all supported AdWords languages and currencies. Without any  need to create new ads, advertisers can display specific offers in their text ads with these promotion extensions, such as  discount offers or any promotional code.

Custom Intent Audiences

With the rollout of custom intent audiences on the Google Display Network, advertisers can now reach people who are interested in  purchasing their specific products.

Custom intent audiences have two flavors. In the first type, advertisers can create their own audience. As per the URLs and topics visited by users, advertisers can target those users who might be interested in their products. An automated and machine learning based system is the second type of variation. An audience will be created by Google on the basis of campaign and characteristics of target customers.

In the form of an auto-created audience, Audience Center will have the auto-generated custom intent audience lists for the advertisers. For each of these audiences, reach and performance estimates will be shown.

Ad Variations

Now ad variations will be tested in a new manner in the new AdWords. In a few clicks, ad variations can be tested across  thousands of ads. The results of these tests will be shown by Google after they gain statistical significance.

In the new UI, an Ad Variations tab can now be seen along with Campaign Experiments and Campaign Drafts. Displays paths  and descriptions can now be tested using these ad variations.

Location Extension Display Ads Are Now Available For Local Business

Adwords recently launched new location extension for the display ads. The format of the new ad was displayed in their local store, photo or images business hours, which additionally has the ability to give as headlines as well as its copy.

The above given lines for local bakery can be easily displayed to a person who is reading blogs. Let’s take an example, Google made an investigation in which it was seen 60% of the clicks were done on the extensive information which provides you direction or any further information regarding the background of the desired location.

How to design local ad extensions?

The best part of designing a local ad extension is that these are very easy to create. You just have to enter on the headline, then go to a description of the logo… copy it and just upload three images of your desired location. That’s it, your work will be done in simple three steps.

How to set the campaigns of new display ads with your location?

The first step that you have to do is check the availability of “ Extend the ad with desired information of the location.”
The second step you have to do is check the privacy to whom you wanted to see your ad, it can the person who has physically located nearby your location or the store or you do not want the person to see your ad who is not interested in your given location.
You just have to click the option on the location and select the option to whom you wanted to get in touch with your ad.
There are ads which can be converted with their own, which can include the extension of the location. The given text, the response, and the image can be actively converted to the new extension of the location by the user if available in the nearby location.

If you want to select the location extension given in the ad groups or the display campaign, just select the option ‘Location Extension’ which is given on the Extension Tab available in Adwords.

Here is a short cut to add your ad in the Adwords:

Click+ Extension
Choose ‘Selected Campaign’- Groups or campaign.
You can also choose one or more campaigns at a time to turn off the location for the extensions.
Choose ‘use campaign location extension’. After that select ‘Disable the extension of the location’.