Google AdWords Introduces “Days To Conversion” Report For Advertisers.

The newly introduced Days to Conversion reporting will enable advertisers to understand how much time it takes for consumers to convert after they click on their ads. This feature will be available in AdWords current and new interfaces and will allow advertisers to get a better insight of their sales cycle. It will provide thorough … Continue reading “Google AdWords Introduces “Days To Conversion” Report For Advertisers.”

Google Replaces ‘First Click Free’ With ‘Flexible Sampling’

To the delight of most online news publications, Google has rolled back its “First Click Free” program with another program which is being called “Flexible Sampling”. Publishers were not pleased with the earlier program, therefore, the news of this change is warmly welcomed by almost everybody. “First Click Free” was highly debated because it didn’t … Continue reading “Google Replaces ‘First Click Free’ With ‘Flexible Sampling’”