Google AdWords Introduces “Days To Conversion” Report For Advertisers.

The newly introduced Days to Conversion reporting will enable advertisers to understand how much time it takes for consumers to convert after they click on their ads. This feature will be available in AdWords current and new interfaces and will allow advertisers to get a better insight of their sales cycle. It will provide thorough

thorough information about how much time advertisers should wait to analyze sufficient conversion ratio before taking any other kind of optimization steps.

Days to Conversion will surely benefit advertisers as they can now wait for an adequate time before making certain decisions about any digital campaign. For example, a customer might click on an advertisement, but may decide to buy that item later due to variety of reasons so, it is important to understand that you will only get the complete picture of your total customer conversions only when you will allow consumers to take their own time before finalizing any buying decisions.

Another important benefit that advertisers will get is that this data will help them make important marketing decisions appropriately. For example, they will get a clearer idea of when to begin any promotional campaign, when to run advertisements for remarketing and when they can end any campaign. While days to conversion report can be easily accessed in new Google Adwords, in older version it is under segment option in the sections for a campaign. Also, to maximize the volume of data, Google advice to set the range period to at least 30 days in both current and new AdWords interface.

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