How You Can Adapt to 3 Recent AdWords?

Here’s an update about the 2 new and highly important features of the Google AdWords. Read on to know all that you need to:

Changes to the daily budget –

The new budget set up allows close to double than what it was previously to accommodate as well as gain from the variances in the search traffic.

Also, even if the budget can now be exceeded, the monthly spend would still be 30x daily budget.

what to look for?

Days and times that give you relatively poor traffic.
Watch your daily spending carefully so that you spend consistently and keeping your goals in mind.

Ad suggestions Beta –

To help improve performance, AdWords takes the current ad and creates a new copy which is capable of better conversions.

The suggested version will be visible to you in the opportunities section.

what to look for?

Carefully monitor the section since the ad copy will automatically go live after 14 days.
If you think that the suggestion is inappropriate, do not hesitate to opt out.

Bid to Outrank the competition –

The automated bid strategy allows the Adwords to set bids that can help you outrank the competitors with use of a helpful metrics.

You can easily access the same with the given steps:

Settings > Bid Strategy
Change bid strategy
Expand drop down
Select Target outranking share
what to look for?

Review the auction insights and all the other analytics to properly determine the competition with respect to PPC and other parameters.
Continually plan and be ready for a strategy shift since the competitors may also be working hard to outrank you.
Conclusion – PPC is ever evolving so all you need to do is stay updated with the latest trends and gain the maximum out of the new releases.

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