Voice Search: Why B2B Marketers Need To Pay Attention Now?

Nowadays, voice search is being used for various purposes and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is also affecting the B2B decision makers. Although voice search is generally discussed in the context of the local and B2C SEO, but now it is being used for more than getting locations, direction and search results.

If we consider who is using the voice search, why they are making use of voice search and where it is being used, then it will become clear that the impact of voice search on B2B is very effective. The people are adopting the newest technology and thus, the brands need to optimize for the voice search.

Who is actually using voice technology?

If we go back in time to the year 2014, then about 55% of teens and 41% of adults were already indulged in voice search mechanism. The adults generally use it in order to dictate the text and illustrate their desire to not type on the keypad anymore. The teens usually use it for the help in homework and all this demonstrate an early adoption of voice search for organic searching.

People are going to personal assistant devices and the number is increasing day by day, actually they are getting accustomed to operating technology and using voice commands is fun for them. This kind of familiarity will eventually translate to the organic search and because of the ease of use this technology will gain more and more popularity over time.

More and more people of different age groups are using this technology not only at home but for their official work as well. Thus, being a B2B marketer you have to be up to date with voice search technology.

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