Now that you have a perfect idea that you want to start the development for a service website or blog, are you aware of the fact that it is unique and will provide you something different?

Do not rush into things; think like an SEO expert and pay attention to an optimized mobile design. According to an expert, 64% of the population uses their smartphones as compared to the desktop conversion.

This trend will continue for sure and if you want to beat the competition, it is important for you to optimize your mobile design for SEO. Now, the question arises- what will this identify? More clarity and longer commitment.

Check out these tips that are given below that will definitely make your mobile design SEO-friendly.

Lightning fast page speed-
We definitely don’t like slow loading, especially on our mobile phones. Many pages are affected by virus due to which the speed of the mobile phone gets slow. Do not forget to minimize redirects because these redirects will create additional HTTP request, which increases the load time.

Beware of Pop-Ups-
According to Google, pages that show intrusive interstitial will provide you a bad experience. That is the main reason why Google has banned such business websites with mobile pop-ups.

Design for big fingers-
It is important that your mobile design should smoothly facilitate touch screen navigation which can be easily scrolled with fingers that are too big or too small.

Titles and Meta Description-
Yes, SEO experts are well aware of action-driven titles and Meta descriptions which include the target keywords for the website. The length of the Meta description should be around 130 characters. So, keep things shorter because Google is known to Truncate Meta descriptions on mobile.

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