How to improve CTR without getting spammed

Online advertising has taken the world by storm. With immense potential of reaching millions of people with the help of internet, online advertising has become the primary demand of every business person who wishes to expand the company. This is the reason why everyone has started using the method of CTR for their website. But then sometimes you don’t receive a huge amount of audience because of the low CTR on your ads. But you don’t need to worry as here are some steps through which you can increase your ad CTR –

1.Start promoting your website by including the details in the headline itself. Stop using the trick of doing special promotions with the help of one or two lines of your descriptive text. Instead of doing this, start displaying it right on your headlines.

2.The main keyword should be included in the display URL. The display URL is a part of your ad text and it should be utilized to the fullest. The problem is that the advertisers just leave it blank and don’t pay much attention to it. This is a big reason for getting low CTR for the ads on your website. Stop leaving that space blank and start utilizing it by including the main keywords of your website.

3.Add a period at the end of the description line one. As you know that the character limit for your headline is just 25 characters. But you get the leverage of 35 characters on your description line. So it is better that you start including a period at the end of the description line one. It will help you a lot and will prove to be beneficial for your website.

These were some best tricks to help you.

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