Google Begins Rolling Out Messaging Feature Within Google Business!!!

Google is going to roll out a messaging feature to the customers of Google My Business. The customers of Google are noticing the new feature within the Google My Business. Google has begun the testing of this feature in the month of November last year.

Now, it has been confirmed by Google that this feature is completely rolling out to business in the USA and people are able to test in on the businesses that are accessible to them under the account of Google My Business.

Let’s check out the steps:

Firstly, when you will go the home page of Google My Business, then you will see a new section for ‘messaging’. It is present on the left and in the middle of the options, you’ll notice ‘Message with customers’ written.
When you’ll click it for the first time, then you will require configuring the Allo device’s mobile number, the one with which you want to connect.
After the verification process, you need to set up an auto reply for your customers, who are going to make use of this feature.
After completing all the setup task you are done. Now, whenever anyone will see the local panel of your company in the mobile search, then they will notice a ‘message’ option, on which they can click easily. If we talk about iOS, then it will take the customers to their native messaging app and will allow them to message any business.
After this, the business owners will receive the message in their native messaging app or in Allo and thus, they can respond to them.
This feature is fully rolling out now, you must try to avail its benefits.

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