Google Ads now Recommends Campaign Types for Business Goals

Google Ads inform advertisers of ideal campaign types by creating a new workflow for your specific business goals. Advertisers choose their business goals and Google Ads will show you the matching campaign types after creating a workflow.

By using a goal, you can make the decision easier when you create a search, display shopping, or video campaign. The Google ads campaigns offer features and settings which depends on the actions that your customers desire. You should select the goals and campaign type to run. This is determined by the customer that wants to see your ads, its settings, features, and options.

Campaign types for ad campaigns

There are different types of ad networks used. The four key types are

Goals for Search Campaigns
Goals for Display Campaigns
Goals for Shopping Campaigns
Goals for Video Campaigns

The types of goals come under:


You can generate conversions online, in-app, on phone or in the store. it needs to be used to engage with clients who are very likely to make a purchase decision.
The features include conversion processes like extensions, bidding strategies, or click tactic.


You should promote a positive buzz around your product and make it interesting enough for a purchase. This can be done by getting them to sign-up for a newsletter or sharing contact details.
Here, features like auditing and audience targeting helps to start off with the conversion process.

Website Traffic

You should encourage leads and prospects to be re-directed to your site.
Features like dynamically changing headlines and relevant ads help you increase the number of visitors to the brand website.

Product brand and considerations

You should attract your customers by the products and services that you provide. It educates people to know about the highlights or USPs of the product and services.
Features like automated bidding and targeting will help encourage visitors to choose your brand by placing emphasis on engagement.

Brand awareness and reach

You should elevate the level of awareness of your product and service. Let the customers explore your products/ services during a launch.
Here, features develop brand recognition such as compelling ads, bidding strategies that drive views and so on. It helps to inspire the new customer and get their attention.

The last two types of goals mentioned above are common specifically for Display and Video Campaigns.

When products are applicable, Google ads will offer other relevant recommendations on advertising goals. Others include campaign subtypes, extensions, ad formats, and bidding focus.

Signing off

The new workflow rolled out by Google Ads is a great way at guiding the marketers to select the best choice of ad campaigns to go for depending on what stage of the sales funnel the customers are at. This ensures maximum ROI on every marketing dollar invested in Google AdWords campaigns for their brands.

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