Top eCommerce Marketing Ideas Worth Pursuing
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Top eCommerce Marketing Ideas Worth Pursuing

Ecommerce is a bustling and growing industry. From apparel to jewelry, to even your daily groceries and daily items, there are countless situations when a busy human being has ordered them through online shopping portals with just a few clicks.

So, it can be easily deduced that online marketing is here to stay and will grow every day. Since this is a growing industry with great future and business scope; every day a new eCommerce company is being introduced to the customers. But, the field is fiercely competitive to lure the 2 billion+ online shoppers worldwide.

The power of e-commerce marketing

This is called Ecommerce marketing. In simple words, attracting potential customers through promotional campaigns is called eCommerce marketing. The e-commerce marketing strategy needs to be a complete package that can be beneficial for the company and its clients. The marketing tactics become successful when there is more traffic on the website, more customers are making repeat purchases, increased online sales, etc. A successful and effective marketing strategy can easily be used to promote a particular eCommerce website when the products are a favorite of the customers and they return to the site for buying some more.
Here are some e-commerce marketing ideas – which any e-commerce website can use. They can try to gain more customers and expand their horizons with these. Some of these ideas are very affordable and can be implemented easily.

1. Use social media effectively

social media optimizationSocial media and social media platforms are a great way to boost your eCommerce website sales. Millions of users use social media websites and platforms every day. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. can help you to reach your targeted audience without much labor. Any e-commerce company can use photographs, links or even hashtags to attract the customers. They can also opt for online campaigns on Facebook or Instagram to make customers interested in the products. There can be any regular advertisements or sponsored advertisements in the apps and platforms like YouTube. You may find contests or even motivational campaigns there so that customers get compelled to visit a particular website.

A company can also directly provide a link of the most featured products in their social media page and campaigns so that customers can be directed to their website on clicking the link.

2. Make navigation or searching for products easier for customers

web designThe truth is customers want to find their needed products as fast as possible. So, it will be better if you make the navigation in your eCommerce portal or app easier for the clients. You can divide the products into categories so that customers find products from the categories. Also, try to keep the search bar intelligent and easy like a proper internet search bar. This will make searching for the products easier and your customers will enjoy their shopping experience.

3. Make your eCommerce portal or app good looking and attracting

web design agencyThis is a classic marketing idea that still works like magic. If your online business portal does not look good and is designed poorly, then customers may avoid it. So, make sure the e-commerce portal or app looks good. It does not need to be glittery and blingy, but a sophisticated color scheme with artistic design can do great for visual engagement. In addition to this, try to design the portals and its pages in such a way that the pages load faster and smoothly with a single click. Also, try to organize products on a single page so that it is soothing to the eyes. Too many products or too few products on a page is a letdown. The same goes for the app also.

4. Try upselling

ecommerce web designUpselling can be very effective for any e-commerce portal. The customer wants to understand and view the most iconic feature of any product. This helps them to check if a product is better for their requirements or not.
You do not need to work very hard for this. Simply highlight any plus point of the products. For example, if a product (food and dairy or grocery is locally sourced and is organic then highlight these two qualities so that customers become attracted to the products. For apparels highlight the brand or the material and design to increase sell.

5. Optimize your portal or app for mobile devices

responsive web developmentNow nearly 50% of total online shoppers use a mobile device like a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device to shop. Hence, you need to design a portal that has faster loading pages. Besides that, the pages need to be optimizable for mobile devices. This is great because the customers will be delighted to shop if you can help them shop faster. Hence, make sure the portal and pages are optimized so that the customers do not need to zoom in or out to search for a product. Additionally, try to use compressed pictures and smaller buttons so that the page does not become slow.
If you are using apps then make sure the application is available through different platforms as well. Besides that, the apps must be smaller and compact. Because bigger apps can be a letdown.

6. Roll out a loyalty program

web developmentThis is another good e-commerce marketing technique. If you have customers who make a regular purchase – then make sure to give them loyalty special programs including discounts, cashback or free products so that they remain loyal; to you. Also, highlight the loyalty program to your new customers to turn them into your regular customer.

7. Make the payment page versatile and secure

secure web developmentIf you want to expand and gain revenues then make sure to have a payment page that offers versatile payment options like debit card, credit card, internet banking, installments, etc. Besides that, also make the payment page secure and fast to ensure your customers can easily buy anything whenever they want.

If you follow the above-mentioned ideas then you can cause your revenue and sales graph to soar high. These e-commerce marketing techniques will definitely boost online business volume and make online a key revenue generation avenue for you.

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