SEO is a continually adapting and growing industry these days. It will be no longer that search engine optimization is seen as internet “black magic”. But nowadays, it seems to be an essential part of digital marketing strategy. According to the reports of previous year, it was evaluated that those businesses’ who have invested more than $65 billion on SEO services will cross more than $70 billion by the year 2018.

Here are given three bold predictions about the future of SEO industry:

UX will play a larger role-
In the past few years, it was estimated that SEO was seen as a job for the team members of IT. It seemed to be more as a technical role as compared to a creative position. However, SEO has different technical elements as its core is an art form. In today’s time, professionals of SEO need not to have technical understanding of how to optimize websites or different types of texts that are used for search engines.

AMP will be a ranking factor-
We all are living in a secular world. Google used to handle single index of documents when dragging search queries. In today’s world there are two indexes, one is for mobile phones and the other is for desktop.

AI will run search-
Last year Google announced RankBrain, due to which most of the people got confused. With respect of this, in today’s time as well most of the people are not aware about RankBrain. AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. One of the best benefit of AI is that it will kill black-hat SEO, which is best for the industry.

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