In simple terms, static web pages are those filled with content that cannot be changed without having a developer. He uses its source code, whereas dynamic web pages can show different content from the same source code. When we talk about dynamic pages for your company’s website, then it means that you have the most advanced code on each of your web page. The most important thing which needs to be remembered is that each page of your website is meaningful.

Static Web Pages

Static web pages show you the exact information whenever you visit the page. You will always find simple plain text on each static web page. They show you the detailed videos and multimedia designs. However, who so ever visits the page will greet you the same way every time. It will only change if you alter the page’s source code.

Dynamic web Pages

Dynamic web pages are enough capable to produce different content for every visitor from the same source code file. The website may show you different content which will be based on what operating system or browser the visitor will be using. Dynamic page cannot be compared with the static web page as both of them serve different goals.

Use of Dynamic Page

Dynamic page serves different purpose as per the need of the visitors. Lets take an example, websites that are run with different content management tools will allow you a single source code file that can load the content of many different possible pages. Content creators use a gateway page to submit the material for new pages into the CMS’ database. The dynamic page can then load the material for any page in the database, based on parameters in the URL with which a visitor requests the page. Dynamic pages are also what let users log into websites to see personalized content.

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