The Beginner’s Guide to Different Types of Social Media Marketing
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The Beginner’s Guide to Different Types of Social Media Marketing

There are different marketing strategies that can help you to improve your revenue, but the best among them is social media advertising. Right from Facebook, the #3 website in the world, to Instagram, which has a YoY increase of 100 million active users, the reach and impact of social media are phenomenal.

Social Media Advertising is the best way to target the audience and improve the conversion rate at a lower cost.

What are the benefits of promoting your product on social media channels?

benefits of digital marketing

Social media is the best advertising and offers you several benefits for example,

  • The traditional marketing channel requires time to improve ROI. For example, content marketing channel works the best after doing SEO, while the same is not true in the case of social marketing.
  • There are some channels that can help you to yield quick results but at a high cost. Influencer marketing is the best example of it. Moreover, those results won’t continue to yield results over time. Instead, social media marketing can help you to earn sales easily and often in less time.
  • There are some marketing channels that are consistent and yield results, but they are time-consuming. For instance, AdWords, it can provide you with consistent results, but it takes time to get sales from it.’
  • Social media advertising can provide you with consistent results the day from when your website is available on the internet.
  • The modern marketing channels promise to immediately and consistently add new customers, but it is not easy. You can’t achieve high positive revenue, sales, and conversions from email marketing and referrals immediately, but social media marketing can assist you with that.

So, if you wish to improve your sales and increase the customer base or target the customers, social media advertising is the best method. You don’t need to search for the relevant keywords to start your promotion. You need a compelling post that can spread and can give you a lot of benefits. It is the best marketing channel.

  1. When your customers are targeted.
  2. When your customers are accessible.

How to target people on social media?

The kind of social media advertising that you select will further depend upon,
· Target audience
· The preferred timings of the target audience
· The platform where you can find the target audience
· Types of Social Media Advertising

1 Facebook advertising 

social media optimization

When promoting the ads on Facebook, the first step is to create an ad and set the fraud objective. This type of objective can help you to accomplish the goals. Facebook advertising is the best way to boost awareness about your products, services. It helps the user to connect with the brand.

(a) Different types of Facebook ads

Facebook ads can help you to increase revenue drastically
· Single Image ads
The single image ad is promoting your products with a link or call to action under the ad.
· Photo ads
The photo ad including the text ad
· Video ads
It means embedding the video content.
· Canvas ads
It includes adding videos, photos, to create a landing page for your ad

(b) Tips on how to run facebook ads

· Don’t use similar ads to target different types of audiences. Your prospecting ad and retargeting the audience are different. So, the business should tailor-made the ad to match the audience.
· Use prospecting ads to create awareness about your product and then retargeting it to interest the customers. Retargeting ads is an aggressive way to close the deal.
· Use emojis and certain other elements to improve brand awareness. It is an effective way to drive CTR, but you should A/B test beforehand.
· Ad fatigue has become a common challenge among the brands, and it is better to test the ads every two weeks.
· Avoid a lookalike audience. You may call it a staple for your brand, but layering it too often shrinks the chances of adding potential customers.
Boost posts are the best way to improve conversion rates. The posts that already have a good engagement level are the best. You can check this with the help of the Facebook Insights Tool. This tool drives the engagement rate.

You need to categorize the audience into these saved audiences, custom audiences, and lookalike audience and create a different strategy for them.

Create ads that easily appear in the newsfeed
These ads are labeled only appear in the newsfeed, and they are also called as sponsored ads. These ads are created to draw the attention of the users. To make the most out of it, you should focus on using clever, entertaining selling techniques. People unfollow the brands that notify them often with their promotional emails.

(c) Remarketing of the ads

Remarketing is done when you show promotional ads to the people who have visited your website recently. They can appear on the social media platform or on third party sites. It is an effective way to re-engage the audience and let the visitors come back to your website.

2 Instagram advertising

smo services

Instagram advertising is the best way to promote products. You can do this by adding photos or snippets inside the posts, embed the videos inside the post, and use Instagram stories that can help to engage the audience.

3 Twitter advertising


social media marketingIt is a revolutionary way to promote products. To get started with it, you need to select the objective: whether you wish to make the users aware of your product, engage the user, improve the traffic, increase the app installs, improve the followers and increase the video views for the products. Next, you need to select appropriate keyphrases, target the audience based on different factors like age, gender, interests, target lookalike audience, and remarket it to the people who have already visited your websites. There are several types of Twitter ads that you can select from: promoted tweets, Twitter Gif, promoted videos, in-stream video ads, website cards, direct message cards, etc.

4 LinkedIn ads

social media marketing services

These ads give you access to LinkedIn users. There are several kinds of ads that can help you to reach target audience sponsored ads, text ads, and sponsored mails.

In the end, we would like to conclude that social media advertising is the best way to connect with the audience and drive traffic to the website.

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