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The spectacular snap Inc’s Spectacles –

Who could’ve thought of sun glasses that can be used for video recording? There is a lot of buzz about the newly launched Snap Inc’s spectacles, especially amongst the youngsters. Soon after they went for sale, there was a lot of excitement in people to try their hands on them.

Here’s is a little brief of what all they hold for us –
They are the first camera Snap’s ever made and certainly aren’t a normal pair of spectacles, they’re really different from the usual ones.

They are a camera for your face but, not a simple and normal one that takes normal videos. Spectacles actually shoot circular videos. Well, isn’t that exciting?

The camera is strategically placed next to the right lens and there is a light-up recording indicator light next to the left lens.

There’re two yellow buttons and the button above the left lens in for recording videos.

Looking at such amazing features that hold for us, they’re certainly a hands-free way of shooting mostly normal snaps.

And that’s not it, they have a lot more in store for us, the videos that are shot using spectacles can have text, emojis and filters just like all other normal snaps and videos, but not lenses.

So, what is the biggest difference? Well, the users can rotate their phones while watching them. But for the viewers who want to see snaps that are spectacles-shot, the creators will need to have the spectacles on. Not really sure about how many people will be willing to do that or find it convenient. But looking at the huge number of people queuing up in front of Snapbot vending machine so that they can soon try their hands on these spectacles, they certainly look like an item which is worth for the collectors.

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