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A Small Analysis On Google Fred Update

The Google Fred Update which was first spotted on the 8th of March, 17 seemed to really big. Over 70 sites were hit by the update and around 95% of them had two things in common. These sites are content driven, either blog formats or other content and they all are quite heavy as far as the ad placement is concerned. In fact, most of them were created with the sole intent of generating AdSense.

Overnight the sites saw more than 50% drops in terms of traffic. So, up to 90% of traffic of most of the sites was gone.

Some of the webmasters even removed their ads to report recoveries. So, more and more sites were hit by Fred than before. Some of the previous updates like Phantom updates were maybe the versions of Fred update – but, in order to have them recover, something previous has surely hit them.

Here, we would like to say that our theories aren’t confirmed by Google. But, we are pushing them to draw a statement.

Note, not all of the sites meet the “purpose is to generate ad revenue over helping the users” type of format, but many of them are functioning for that purpose as well.

Again, Google has not confirmed anything as yet but there is no doubt about the fact that this algorithm update aims at ad heavy, low-value content format which created with the purpose of generating revenues through ads.

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