SEO practices which are no longer helpful for your website

A lot of new features and methods are introduced every year for improving the reach of your blogs and websites. But then old big time bloggers till rely on the traditional and old school ways of improving the reach of their website. But they have to realize that it is better to live in the present and forget the past. Here is a list of old tips and tricks which don’t prove to be helpful anymore –
1. Gone are those days when keywords were the only ways to draw attention for your website. Since everyone who is active on the digital world is looking for something creative, you should start using some sentences which are click bait and draw attention.

2. It is better to provide your internal links in the form of anchor text. Earlier it was the case that everyone included the internal links on the header, footer or sidebar. But now, this technique has started to prove ineffective.

3. Stop linking separate web pages for every keyword. This tactic was used so that the visitors can get a chance to visit more sections of the website. But now, even Google says that it is best to have everything in a single page and stop linking keywords.

4. Don’t make the mistake of including paid links as Google has started penalizing those who are found doing this for their website. Make the content of your website so creative that no one even thinks on going to some other website.

These were some of the old tricks which were used by website owners and creators for improving the beauty of their websites. It is important to know that earlier these tricks were considered to be the best but not nowadays.

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