SEO or PPC? Choose Wisely For The Long Run

For small-to-medium businesses, this has been the most frequently asked question. As you need a  multi-faceted approach to search marketing, your brand needs a strong organic foundation that can build and enhanced with pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns.

So, your website should show the implementation of general SEO best practices. Your brand website should be user-friendly and technically sound. The look and feel should be as per your brand. Once you are able to ensure all these, PPC campaigns can help you break out above limited organic reach for your brand or its website.

We know that organic search drives much more traffic than paid search, but paid traffic comprises such visitors that are prospective buyers. Still, organic search’s overwhelming amount of traffic must not be ignored. You can utilize paid advertising to help your brand reach the goals it aims to accomplish, but you must remember the volume tariff disparity between organic and paid search.

As your website will be promoted via PPC advertising, you must ensure that its effectiveness in both organic and paid approaches. So, the individual performance of your website must be good enough to support PPC advertising. So to recreate the large number of traffic from organic search, you must look at user friendliness and content enrichment of your website.  But in the long run, once you stop out with PPC, your brand outreach depends on referrals, social media, and organic presence. So, you need a solid organic presence at your website to maintain the market superiority of your brand in the long run.

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