Responsive Search Ads to Text Ads – Updated by Google to Extended Characters


Google has many different things that they work on during the course of any year. Because of the technology and resources available to them, they can make changes at virtually anytime to ensure the consumer gets what they need and want. Of course, when the consumer is at the center stage of all kinds of different marketing campaigns, companies and their marketing teams can benefit greatly from the latest initiatives implemented. Specifically, when it comes to ensuring businesses can market their products and services effectively. In order to do this, Google has already put several different algorithms in place that are designed to utilize several different applications and formats. One of the most notable that everyone should become familiar with, if they do are not, is Google Responsive Search ads.

New Requirements for Creators of Responsive Search Ads to Text Ads

This is because Google Responsive Search ads have been updated with new specifications and requirements. In fact, it has been opened up with an extension of extra characters that the marketers can use to get their messages over. There are a number of different reasons why these changes and modifications are being made so it is important for people to pay close attention to what Google is doing in this area at this time. One of the most important is giving the systems used in the background the information that is needed to market products and services through this medium more effectively. With the use of artificial intelligence and a combination of Google’s own search engine algorithm, the goal and objective is to get as close to the message that is needed as possible. For instance, whenever a marketing team creates their ads for responsive search ads, they are tasked with creating a message that the consumers can use to their buying benefits and advantages. So, the scripted message that’s used can make a big difference in whether the consumer will buy your product or service or move on to choose someone else’s.

What Creators Need to Know About These Changes

Because the past responsive ads were no longer sufficient enough, these changes have been made to give the marketing team, business owners and the like the extended characters that they need to get the message over in more descriptive fashion. For instance, the in the past, the creator of the ad only had 80 characters to for their text ads. Today, the creator of these ads will have an extended character amount that they can use to advertise their products. According to the information that Google has just published, the extended numbers will increase in the month of September 2018. Marketers will also be allowed to enter as many as 4 descriptions and 15 headlines to get their messages over. This change is also helpful to marketing companies that want to promote their business since machine learning technology will be used to choose the best-suited ad message possible.

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