Related Articles & Internal Linking: Will It Help Your SEO Results?

When it comes to search engine optimization, content is very important. Internal linking means providing links from one page to another page within the same domain. Internal linking helps increase user experience, helps retain the customer in our own domain, builds page authority, connection between pages and it somehow increases your ranking. Internal linking also increases page views. To optimize internal linking you must do the following steps –

  • Focus – You must focus on the areas which are important for you. Important means the pages which have most beneficial products or pages having the product you want to promote.                                                               
  • Content – Create a lot of content so that you can have lot of internal links which would increase your chances of retaining viewers.                                         
  • Anchor Text – While creating content, make sure you use anchor texts. Clickable text in hyperlink is Anchor text.                                                        
  • Use Natural Links – Links that you are using must be natural and related to the content. If you insert a link, which is totally unrelated, the user leaves the website as the link doesn’t interest him/her.

Having relevant articles on your website would be helpful because it would then keep your viewers busy. If your current article is related to the links of next content provided, user would click on the link. More relevant the link is, higher would be the rank of the website. You must insert links on a page but links must be limited to a certain number. If every word has links, the user would get irritated and may exit our page.

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