Reasons Why It’s Not Enough Just To Do SEO

It will not be wrong to say that if there is a presidency competition between the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay Per Click), then obviously SEO will win that too in a landslide. Nowadays, people don’t even think of giving PPC a chance to advertise their business. You need to know that PPC is something that you can’t ignore. Let’s look at the reasons why just SEO is not enough:

The number of listings has been reduced by Google: Now, Google serves the listings based on the location of the user. The local listings are displayed before the organic listings. The listings are now reduced to three, but it will not be an issue for you if you appear about 2-3 times on the first page. So, try to gain more referrals and that can be done by PPC.

Now it is possible to Hyper-Target ads to a list of your prospects: If you are in business since years, then you will be having a large prospect list. It is now possible to upload the email list in order to hyper-target the ads to prospects through paid search advertising.

A new home-service specific ad listing is coming: You might not know, but Google is testing a very new kind of listing, which will connect the users directly to the home-service companies. The program will expand to some other home services too.
Remarketing is also a type of paid search advertising and this allows you to display your advertisement to the users, who has earlier visited your website while browsing. You can use this for awareness of the users who doesn’t convert their initial visit to your site.

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