The reasons why loyalty programs are not that useful
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The reasons why loyalty programs are not that useful

Nowadays, everyone has started providing loyalty programs to their customers. Even websites have started providing loyalty subscriptions to those whoa regularly visit the website. But then somehow, there is now use of providing the loyalty programs. Though they prove to be great ways of capturing audiences, there is still no use of such programs. Here are some reasons –
1. It is a case with almost every loyalty program which provides reward points that the customers have started finding it of little importance. They feel that there is no use of getting such benefits which can be claimed only after meeting certain conditions. It is natural that why someone would get interested in such a thing.
2. A lot of surveys conducted regarding getting the feedback about these loyalty programs have shown that a large amount of people don’t feel happy about the loyalty program. For those who receive a small monetary benefit don’t like the program. They would rather go for something in which they get a Thank You in return.
3. The problem with the loyalty programs is that not every program provides various benefits. Suppose if anyone is providing 10% cash back on any purchase, they would certainly not get pleased with the scheme. The people who get a verbal reward feel happier about the loyalty programs.
4. It is better when the customer gets a chance to donate the same amount to someone who needs help. Since they don’t get too much of monetary benefits, they feel like donating the price or benefits to someone who is in a serious need for help.
These were some of the biggest reasons why people have started feeling sad about the loyalty programs and why they have started going against it.

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