How to optimize your WordPress blog posts?

WordPress has proven to be one of the most reliable sources for creating personal blogs and websites. A lot of people have started making their websites using WordPress. But then it is important that you should know the tips and tricks for getting the maximum number of views on your posts. Here is a list of some of the best tips for upgrading your posts after you have uploaded them for getting the maximum hits –

* Try looking for the option of Yoast SEO when you are done with writing your post. You can find this option on the Edit Post section itself. If you don’t, just click on the Screen Options tab and you will find it.

* In the Yoast SEO option, click on the SEO Title Box option where you will enter the title. You have to make sure that you enter the main keywords along with the title and the brand name of the website. You will have a character limit of 40-60 words.

* Below this option, you give now have to enter the Meta Description i.e. an introductory text about your post which explains the content and attracts the visitors. Although this is not necessary for your SEO rankings, you will still enter the main keywords in the Meta Description.

* There is new section provided by WordPress which is known as Slug. This is the section where you can edit the URL for your post. You can change the title of the URL which will be provided by WordPress by default.

* You can optimize the posts by using the option meta robot index and the canonical URL option which will be visible after you click the Gear icon.

These were some tips for optimizing posts.

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