New Google URL Tool Will Help Maximize Your Website


For business owners, bloggers, general internet users, and basically anyone who has a need for Google in their daily lives, it is important to understand the recent Google algorithm changes. The thought process is that people are now searching more and more through their smartphone, making Google now favor mobile index instead of your website from a computer or tablet. There have been other shifts as well: for instance, Google is now looking for websites that have as much information on a topic as possible to ensure that their users are getting the best possible search experience.

So how can you tell if your website is stacking up with the competition, or if you are going to be left behind in the tumultuous world that is Google? Recently, the company released a URL inspection tool that allows you to test your website to see if you are meeting the Google criteria.

Things such as broken links, confusing wording, and not enough topic information are all grounds for a lower Google rating. In layman’s terms, this means that your website will be harder to find and listed lower on the Google search page. It is important to constantly review your website and look for broken links (especially external ones which are subject to change) and to make sure everything is clearly written and worded. The more user-friendly and easy to navigate (with lots of useful and helpful information) your website is, the better off you will be. This new tool will allow you to locate problem areas/ parts of your website that could use improvement. Make sure to run each individual page of the site through the URL checker for the best possible results and most accurate understanding of your site.

According to Google, the tool provides detailed and thorough information about how your URL looks from the Google index.

The tool will not be ready immediately, but it is in the works. This will be a huge asset to all website users and owners and will help to make sure that you are up to date with Google compliance and not getting lost in the search. Make sure to keep your eye out for the official release of this URL tool and to correct any issues with your website as soon as possible. This will help your SEO ratings, how far up you appear in a Google search, and your business/websites overall visibility.

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