New Feature Within Google My Business
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New Feature Within Google My Business

Hardcore google fans, followers, and preachers have a good news on their sleeves now. Google has started a new feature of messaging within Google My Business. Though Google began to test this feature last year in November, it is confirmed and has received a green signal now. It is rolling out to business in the US and the news is well verified and authentic without any question or doubt.

For all those who still have not noticed this new feature or tried it yet, go to your Google My Business home page and notice the new section that says “messaging”. You will find it easily on the left. A new option highlighting “message with customers” appears in the middle between ‘AdWords Express’ and the option to ‘post’, encouraging users to try the new feature and get connected to others.

Once you click on it, you are requested to submit your number that is compatible with Allo (a google messaging app featuring interesting stickers, doodles, emojis etc.). Once you are done with the number verification, you are supposed to set an autoreply for all the customers using this feature. Type in the message and switch the chat option to ‘on’. Save the changes and you are good to go.

Now whosoever sees your company’s local panel by searching it on Google, will be able to find the option “message” beside “call” and “direction”.

The feature and process are the same for any operating system, with the basic difference being that iOS will take the customers to its default messaging app and not Allo.

Now receive messages from your customers and clients and make your business vast and easier.

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