Mobile & Desktop SEO: Different Results, Different Content Strategy

Just making a responsive website is not enough for calling it a mobile-ready website. For actually adjusting your site as per the mobile search, you must know how people are using various devices in order to find things. Smartphones have altered the way people search on the internet. Thus, the business owners need to formulate content strategies according to the use of the customers.

Let’s check out the content strategies for mobile first search:

  1. Perform keyword research for mobile devices: on mobile devices, voice search has become very common and thus, the keyword for desktop search is different from the one used on the mobile phones. You need to understand the difference between both of them and identify all the possible keywords that the people might use on mobile phones.
  2. Do consider the implementation of AMP wherever applicable: the speed on various devices is a very important factor and even Google considers it while ranking your site. Google has committed to enhance the speed of the page and thus beta updates with much stronger AMP flow-fixing have been released. You must know the potential benefits of the AMP and should bring them in order to mark up specific pages.
  3. You must review the content on the site in order to ensure that it is mobile-friendly: the content which is there on your site must be easily readable and play smoothly on the mobile devices. Like if there is any info graphic with the image on your site, then it must be able to resize automatically as per the size of the screen.

Mobiles are the first option for all the users when it comes to surfing, so you must focus on the mobile users first.

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