Introduction Of Voice Search And How It Can Impact!!

According to the recent survey by the Google, 55% of the teens and 41% of the adults are using the voice search for about more than once in a day. The recent studies have also suggested that the use of voice search will become more than double in the coming five years.

So, it’s clear that the next wave of the customers will be asking about your produces and services from the Google verbally. They will not opt for typing, as voice search will be more comfortable and a preferable option for the modern internet users. Google, Amazon, and Microsoft have modifications related to the voice search, as this trend is more appealing in between the people.

Year after year, Google is adding and tweaking their technology in order to understand what modern users wants from the search engine or what they are feeding into the search engine. With the availability of voice search, the search engine has become a little kid, who has grown up and now understands what we have to convey to him. The voice search has enabled us to have an actual conversation with a very cool and more innovative thing.

If we look at it from the reporting perspective, then Google has hinted previous year that the voice search will be coming to the search console search analytics report, but still, there is no timeframe about when this will roll out in real.

Google and other search engines have already collected this data, but it hasn’t been figured out yet, how the queries will be parsed. So, it’s just about time now and soon it will be easy for the people to search any products and services.

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