Instagram seems to be going the snapchat way. It has been five months since Instagram, copied Snapchat’s Stories product and Instagram’s app version was successful in garnering revenue. Now, it has decided to showcase ads in between the lines. Every day, 150 million people are regular visitors to Instagram and are avid readers to its stories, which generally expire after 24 hours. This figure is only half of Instagram’s daily audience and equivalent to Snapchat’s daily audience.
Recently, just like Snapchat, Instagram too decided to start inserting ads between the stories. This process is on similar lines as Snapchat, only difference being that the ads will be empowered by Facebook’s advertising relationship and technology.
These ads will appear only when the people are swiping between stories and can be skipped like a non ad slide. These ads can be photos or videos and are formatted vertically or horizontally and will take up to 100 percent of screen when clicked. These ads are sponsored by various companies and do not differ in content from the ads appearing on Facebook or Snapchat.
Hence, we can see that in the recent years technology has come a long way. Nowadays, companies are resorting to new methods to increase traffic to their web page. Instagram is already popular amongst the youth and is quite well known as a photo sharing site. This initiative taken by Instagram will definitely help it cater to a large number of audiences.

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