Improve Search Rankings with these Hot Trends for 2019

Though SEO may not be an easy task to be undertaken, as it requires time, money and resources; its benefits far outweigh the costs incurred and thus makes it a valuable digital marketing initiative for businesses big and small.

Some local businesses always have a recurrent question, “what will we do to improve our rankings?”

It is vital to note here that good organic ranking improvement doesn’t happen overnight. The SEO checklist will help you to prioritize SEO tasks for your local business and obtain more customers for your venture online.

1. Research your Keywords

Firstly, you should find the right keywords. These are nothing but phrases that customers use to find business like yours on search engines like Google and Bing.

Sometimes, it may be tricky to rank for your most important phrase head term with keyword research. But for the specific phrase, it’s normally easier to rank. It’s all up to how much competition you have. So, when you are planning out the keyword phrase for ranking, you should consider both head terms and long tail phrases.

Fortunately, Google is smarter about understanding the relation of two terms or phrases. You should understand your customer’s language that they tend to use while looking for business online. The emphasis should be on understanding the market for the brand, and how customers are searching for similar products or services

2. Get your business on Google Local

Do you know the difference between Google Places for Business and Local Google+ pages?

A Google place for business is developed to control what information has been displayed by Google Search and Google Maps. This ensures that your potential customer gets the right information about your local business like your opening hours, contact information and address.

While Local Google+ is developed to interact with your customers as well as allows you to get more exposure. Those Google+ pages add social interaction to your list and create a two-way path for interaction by creating post updates and responding to reviews for your customers.

3. Optimize your Social Pages

Google+ pages are not the only social media platforms to get more exposure for your website. You can also improve lead conversion by maintain your Google My Business (GMB). You need to check that every social profile handle includes a traceable physical location, business or store name, and URL. Keep in mind that you should maintain consistency across all platforms for this information.

In addition, you should develop quality content structured properly for the keywords. You need to optimize your titles, Meta descriptions and body content too for better SERP signals.

4. Get Reviews from customer

Positive reviews not only help you to rank better, but also take up more real estate on your results page. A huge benefit of gaining reviews is social proof. If customers see five stars, then they know that you are a highly recommended and credible business.


As a local business, you can do many things to improve your site and rankings. Start by focusing on the niche and emphasize your uniqueness. This will not only help you enhance your SEO strategies, but it will also help your brand gain international exposure as you move from 2018 to 2019.

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