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Importance of Moz’s Domain Authority

Panic could be felt amongst digital marketers few months ago when Moz updated its key metric known as Domain Authority or DA for many sites. Many were surprised, whereas others were anxious about down-slide of their sites’ ratings.Though there was a fear of loss in traffic or google ranking, but nothing of that sort happened. Still, this gave birth to a new debate.
We can’t assume that Google is recommending DA because it hasn’t restructured its PR for the past couple years. Both DA and PR are still applicable when we talk about the overall “health” of a website.
Is DA relevant for success of your website?
The scope and relevance of DA is not yet clearly know, but it reflects overall performance of a site.It’s just a metric based on some sound constraints, but there are many other SEO factors that impact your success. It’s alright to get your website a rank in order to compare it with other websites.
Personally, I don’t use DA, when I have to assess the performance or success of a website. I don’t even consider it as an indicator of effective link-building.
So, when the latest DA update happened and many businesses saw a drop in DA, it didn’t translate into any kind of drop in rankings or traffic for their sites.
According to our research, we found out that relevance of a website is important than its DA. If you have a high DA number and at the same time your site also has a high degree of relevance, you are doing great.
Why do we then even discuss Domain Authority?
We don’t consider DA as a measure of a website’s success, but we still respect it. There are various reasons for it.
1. DA is something, which can be measured as a tangible factor.
2. DA is a complex metric and it uses around 40 signals.
3. DA is a cardinal number and it makes life easier for marketers.
This is similar to test scores among students. It’s well known that one’s grades/scores are used to measure & compare academic accomplishments even though your test scores can never tell your true potential.
Natural backlinks boosting factors:
A. Great Content.
B. Excellent user experience.
C. With conclusion from bloggers and experts.
D. Relevant to your place.

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