How To Increase Brand Awareness for a Restaurant?
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How To Increase Brand Awareness for a Restaurant?

As per TheWebminer’s raw estimation, there are 15,000,000 pubs, cafes and restaurants in the world. If you consider adding unrecognized small-scale hotels to this list, the numbers might cross beyond your imagination.

Now, the question is, how will you differentiate your restaurant from your competitors in this overly saturated hospitality galaxy? Restaurant branding and marketing, of course!

But it is worth noting that restaurant branding and marketing aren’t as up-front and simple as you might think. You need to go beyond a catchy name and logo to help your restaurant stand out from the crowd. You need to ensure that your brand reverberates with the customers, thereby creating a recall value which entices them to come back for more.

Now, let’s dive into this blog to learn the specifics of designing a restaurant branding strategy. But first, let’s clear our basics by understanding –

What is restaurant branding?


Restaurant branding is a procedure of creating a unique image and name for your restaurant in the customer’s eye, thereby differentiating it from the competitors. Besides creating a unique identity, branding can help you establish a name in the market that customers trust and rely upon. The boosted brand image also helps in generating a loyal customer base.

Experts utilize various elements to help create brand awareness, thereby helping you with the question, “how to promote restaurant business?” We will take a look at them in a while. First, let’s comprehend –

What is the need for restaurant branding?

1.1- To build brand identity

Branding helps in creating a consistent identity of the restaurant on different channels and platforms. Consistency in messages you deliver in regard to your restaurant can help customers resonate with your offerings as well as trust you at a greater level.

Consider Starbucks, for instance; no matter where you go in the world, the logo and storefront design remains the same, thereby invoking a sense of familiarity and trustworthiness. This is exactly what you will need to focus on if you wish to know how to improve restaurant sales. 

1.2- Improve the recall value

Branding helps in turning your restaurant name into one that customers can reckon with. When customers start recognizing your restaurant as a brand and not just as another food chain, they are immediately interested in making memorable experiences and have trust that you will meet their gastronomical expectations.

McDonald’s is one of the most trusted fast-food brands globally.

1.3- Boost credibility

Like every business owner, your dream would be to expand your restaurant at some or other point in life, right? Branding helps in creating goodwill in the market. And we all know that investors love venturing into tried and tested waters than something that is brand new.

If possible, try incorporating unique concepts to create a distinct brand personality. For instance, “live grilling and ice-cream making concept,” “the salt bae act,” and so on add casual fun and liveliness.

Top elements that assist in creating brand awareness in the restaurant space

One cannot build a brand overnight or use a single component to boost brand awareness. Years of effort and various elements go into creating a brand that customers respect and rely on. Here is a list of elements that directly impacts the branding process.

2.1- Name of the restaurant

When it comes to deciding on a restaurant name, avoid going overboard. Instead, keep the name short, unique, and crisp, something people will remember. Also, avoid sounding clichéd and generic.

2.2- The logo

Logo helps in generating a visual identity of your brand. Ensure that the logo is in sync with the brand’s philosophy. For instance, look at the logo for Subway. It features yellow and green colours – both representing the essence of “eat fresh.”

2.3- Tagline or slogan

Ensure to have a tagline or slogan for your restaurant if you really want to know how to promote the restaurant business. Slogans and taglines not only deliver the brand’s promise but also clings to the customer’s mind. For instance, people tend to mutter “Finger-linking’ good” every time after hearing KFC.

2.4- Staff’s uniform and attire 

No one would want to be served by an individual who is dressed shabbily. Similarly, no one would want to be confused between staff members and customers. Having a staff uniform not only boosts the standard of the restaurant but helps in branding the restaurant, too.

2.5- Restaurant colours

Do you ever wonder why a big fast-food brand like KFC, Mc D and Burger King has red colour in their logo and storefront? Well, scientifically, the colour red is said to stimulate hunger. Green and orange, on the other hand, reflect nature/ethics and innovation/youth, respectively.

2.6- Restaurant’s appearance 

Did you know the way your restaurant appears, its location, layout, ambience, hygiene and interiors all help in boosting the brand value? For instance, some restaurants have themes that they abide by in every aspect, whether it is in regards to serving, sitting area or even menu. Sticking to a theme can help you stand out and even linger in the minds of visitors.

Proven tips for branding your restaurant


Now that you know the basics of branding and a few of the impactful elements that help in branding the restaurant, it is time to proceed further and determine how to grow the restaurant business through branding using different strategies.

3.1- Word of mouth 

When it comes to restaurants, pubs, cafes, etc., word of mouth, is equally important. Word of mouth for your restaurant can be spread by both your customers and in-house staff.

No one is visiting your restaurant because they have no choice. They visit it because they appreciate what you have to offer. So, why not take a little advantage of this loyal customer base? Trust these people to give good reviews, spread messages about your restaurant and talk about you among their loved ones and peers. A first-time visitor would appreciate genuine, real-life and practical reviews that make better sense to them.

On the other hand, get your in-house staff to post as the face of your brand on their social media handles. The more they most, the more business you will get. And not to forget the better tips and hours your staff will get in return.

3.2- Traditional marketing

The power of traditional marketing still prevails. Even today, many people love receiving direct mail and promotional items in their mailboxes. Then why not serve these individuals with what you have to offer in ways they cherish the most?

Sending out direct mails to a targeted audience can help create a loyal customer base. Whether you send branded promotional items, custom brochures with discount details or perhaps a holiday card to the customers, you are bound to convey your message effectively while enticing them to visit your restaurant.

Similarly, billboards, flyers and brochures stand out in promoting a brand when designed properly.

3.6- Try digital marketing

We are in the digital era. Relying solely on traditional marketing won’t help you find answers to “how to improve restaurant sales?” Focusing on digital marketing is extremely important, too.

Digital marketing makes it possible to target both the young and older generations at once. Digital channels allow conveying of relevant messages to a large target audience in the most cost-effective manner.

Mentioned below are some effective digital marketing channels that are worth investing in –

3.1.1- Create a perfect website 

The first step to digital marketing is building a website. While there are hundreds, if not thousands, of inexpensive templates available, taking a route to customization is always effective. A custom website can help showcase that your restaurant is a one-of-a-kind eating house.

Here are some characteristics of an excellent custom website –

  • Features custom logo design and branding that helps in gaining an edge over competitors
  • Features clear and concise written digital copies that tell the brand’s story
  • Well-organized, easy to navigate from point A to point B
  • Features professional photos and videos that highlight the menu’s unique offerings.
  • Full menu with description and ingredient details

Since your website is responsible for creating the first impression of your restaurant, why not hire experts who know how to do that seamlessly through web design?

3.1.2- Focus on SEO

Searches like “restaurant near me,” and “local restaurant in my area,” have increased exponentially recently. If your restaurant doesn’t appear on such search results, then what is the use?

It is time to optimize your online presence as per the search engines to make your business visible in all the right places. Local SEO is your need for the hour, especially if you want to make your restaurant a local sensation. Claiming and optimizing Google My Business listing should be the priority. Similarly, maintaining the listing regularly and consistently is imperative, too.

Also, don’t forget to monitor the reviews. After all, what your previous customers say matters a lot for enticing your future potential customers.

3.1.3- Put social media to use

Using social media to brand the restaurant is an excellent choice.

Why? Not only can you gather a huge following of people interested in your restaurant, but you also gain repeat customers, thanks to the effective networking opportunities social media has to offer. Plus, there are plenty of options for paid and free ad campaigns.

3.1.4- Use online reviews appropriately

When it comes to purchasing something, customers need a certain level of reassurance, including dining experiences. Online reviews help in providing the same.

Customers tend to check reviews to determine whether or not choosing your services will prove advantageous to them.

It is time to encourage every paying customer to leave a review, whether it is good or bad. You can always work on bad feedback and use good ones to bring a more targeted audience.

Also, many customers need to be incentivized. If possible, offer them respectable incentives, perhaps a discount on the next meal or a chance of winning certain cashback that can be redeemed while dining again.

3.1.5- Don’t forget digital ads

Advertising your restaurant digitally has many perks. First, of course, is that it helps in branding your restaurant just as you like.

Digital ads not only bring your brand in front of the audience but also put your message in front of the customers at the exact moment they are searching for local restaurants near them. Plus, the option of targeting the audience specifically based on the demographic, geography, age, gender etc., increases the chances of boosted conversion rates.

You can use digital ads to promote a variety of things, including –

  • Restaurant’s special events
  • Promotions
  • Private event spaces and so on.

Wrapping up

While appetizing food and exceptional services are two important factors of running a successful restaurant, they aren’t enough. In fact, restaurants that lack these factors might have lines of customers outside the door every day and a waiting list that spans for weeks, thanks to their effective branding strategy.

Instead of asking yourself, “how to promote restaurant business?” and overlooking branding and other digital marketing strategies, consider meeting the experts at Green Web Media to put your restaurant in the public eye and draw the target audience in regularly.

With a team of highly experienced digital marketers, we have developed some of the best results driven campaigns for all size agencies and businesses.

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