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How can Google Maps help your business thrive?

We are living in tech savvy times. These days more and more people are flocking to Google Maps to decide where to go. This represents an opportunity to various businesses to engage with new customers.

Over a billion people use Google Maps each month. Now it has become impossible to go anywhere without it. It has transformed completely from a simple virtual map. People can use it to explore local businesses and uncover new suggested locations.

There are numerous marketing advantages that Google Maps can provide. This article will shed light on all the ways it can benefit your business. You could be a small business or a big corporation; you need to tap into the advantages now!

But first let us take a look at all the new updates available-

Explore tab for a map of the business

In Google’s 2020 Maps update, they introduced an ‘Explore’ tab. This is to help users easily find nearby businesses.

Users can scroll through business listings to see all their options. They can make informed choices. The map shows relevant company details. This includes-

  • Updates and posts
  • Click for directions
  • Photos and images
  • Click to call button
  • Links to their website
  • Ratings and reviews

This tab allows users to know more about new local places, all in one single platform.

Customized Google Map business

Google Maps introduced several exciting updates in 2021. This made exploring and personalizing your experience even better.

The enhanced Live View feature now displays nearby shops and restaurants. It also shows how busy they are, along with recent reviews and photos. It also offers personalized suggestions based on the time of day. For example- suggesting breakfast spots in the morning and dinner locations in the evening.

Are you visiting a new city? Then Google Maps will highlight popular tourist attractions. This is to help you make the most of your trip.

Google Maps can help your business convert

Every year, Google Maps becomes an even more essential tool. Users use it for searching/comparing and evaluating businesses. It helps in making informed and practical decisions.

It is not just for getting directions from point A to point B. It is also about discovering where point B is. This makes it an incredibly worthwhile platform for businesses.

Every week, more than 5 million apps and websites rely on Google Maps APIs. This means it create a viable opportunity to connect with a larger audience. You can tap into an audience that is ready to make a decision.


What are the benefits of Google Maps?

Google Maps is now a very effective marketing tool for businesses because of its extensive use. It assists users in finding everything they need. It could be a nearby restaurant or a car repair shop. Or maybe you are looking for the best cocktails in town. Google Maps is the go-to resource.

Let us look at five key reasons why integrating Google Maps into your digital marketing strategy is essential-

[1] Locate your business

One of the best ways firms can benefit is by making it easier for potential customers to find them. Customers simply type in your business name and get a complete map of your location. With Google Maps’ local search feature, businesses can be listed and pinned on the map. They have complete contact details and other essential information.

A lot of people do not understand that Google maps do not only serve as a map. It also is a powerful search engine tool.

So many people use their phones to search for places. This is why Google Maps has become incredibly helpful for locating businesses. Most of the mobile searches are location-based. This trend is expected to rise. Listing your business on Google Maps can significantly boost your visibility. It ensures potential clients can easily find you when searching for relevant services or products.

[2] Showcase your business with images

In the past, businesses used to invest money in promoting their office spaces. They used to do this through directories and similar avenues. They showcased images and locations. This method proved inefficient due to high costs per customer acquisition.

Now, with Google My Business—a free tool—it is much simpler to enhance your profile with business images. Potential customers can easily view these images directly from their smartphones. All this makes it a more accessible and cost-effective way to promote your business.

When Google Maps users plan a destination, many seek a preview of what awaits them upon arrival. This sneak peek can ignite excitement among potential customers. This is evident in their search habits. For instance, hungry users often enjoy browsing food options when choosing where to dine.

Google My Business supports 360° images. This means you have the opportunity to showcase a complete tour of your location. This can significantly enhance customer interest in your shop. Leveraging Google Maps for business promotion is free.

The platform’s extensive reach ensures substantial visibility. It eliminates the need for expensive paid promotions to attract customers. You must utilize Google’s free resources effectively. This way, you can generate higher business outcomes than traditional marketing methods.

[3]   They can contact you

One of the greatest benefits for business owners listing on Google Maps is the direct contact customers can have with shops. This feature is revolutionary and sets Google Maps apart from any other alternatives out there.

Google Maps uses information from Google My Business profiles to display business details. It can mark their locations accurately. This integration makes it convenient for customers to access reviews instantly while on the move. It eliminates the need for separate searches.

If you are launching a business you should begin by setting up your Google My Business profile. You must ensure it is fully optimized with accurate NAP details. NAP refers to your business’s name/address and phone number. This is vital information that potential customers need to find and contact you. Being on Google Maps is especially valuable because it can attract new leads to your business at no cost.

[4] Attract more traffic

Google Maps is a powerful tool to drive specific and high-quality traffic to your website. This provides you with valuable opportunities for upselling. Visitors from Google search typically include both potential buyers and information seekers. In contrast, traffic from Google Maps indicates that individuals have actively searched for services. They have found your listing and visited your website. This demonstrates a clear intent to make a purchase.

Through driving specific, interested visitors to your website, you can significantly increase your business revenue and overall site traffic. When your Google Maps presence generates more traffic, it enhances your website’s authority. It boosts its rankings for competitive keywords. If you are not leveraging Google Maps to attract traffic yet, now is the perfect opportunity to begin and thrive online. Combining website SEO with optimized Google Maps listings can yield amazing results.

[5] Build your reputation with great reviews

Your company’s credibility is increased when it appears prominently in search results. You can rely less on paid advertising if you can be found easily on Google Maps and search engine results pages. You need to optimize your Google Maps profile and Google My Business listing.

Having a detailed profile ensures your potential customers have all the information they need to feel confident about visiting your store and making a purchase. This applies to all businesses listed on Google Maps. When users are deciding between two options, they often trust each other the most. Positive reviews can enormously influence their decision to choose a business.

Business owners have the ability to manage and reply to reviews directly from their dashboards. To encourage more feedback, consider displaying a sign in your store prompting customers to share their experiences on Google Maps. Another effective tactic is to have your staff mention leaving reviews to satisfied customers right after their purchase. For those who have claimed their short names, they can also proactively ask for reviews by sharing a customized URL via email or message.

[6] Increase footfall

Imagine looking forward to visiting a place only to find it closed upon arrival. Customers will be disappointed. Business owners can prevent this by updating their Google Business Profile with accurate opening hours.

This ensures that users of Google Maps will see a clear indication when you are closed. It can even filter their searches to find places that are currently open. Plus, they will be alerted with a “closing soon” tag if they need to hurry to catch you before you shut for the day.

How is a listing created?

Having your business on Google Maps is crucial today. It allows potential customers to find you easily. They can even interact with you through reviews. The good news is that adding your business to Google Maps is a free and straightforward process.

Here’s how to do it-

[1]Claim or create your business profile

To get your business on Google Maps, begin by signing up for or logging into Google My Business. From there, just follow the easy steps to claim or create your free Business Profile on Google. This profile is a no-cost listing provided by Google My Business. It enables you to appear in local searches and on Google Maps.

You will be then asked to fill in some information like-

  • Phone number
  • Opening hours
  • Category
  • Location/address
  • Website

You have the option to select a short name and URL for your listing. The details visible in your Business Profile on Google will appear on Google Maps and in search results. This will happen when users search with relevant keywords or seek specific information about your business.

If customers have previously reviewed your business, there may already be a listing for your business on Google Maps. In such cases, you will need to claim the existing listing. You must verify your ownership of the business before you can update the information.

[2] Verify it is yours

You will need to prove that you are the legitimate owner of the company after claiming your profile. This step ensures that your information remains accurate. Only you can manage and update your business profile.

The most common verification method involves receiving a postcard at your business address. This postcard contains a five-digit verification code. It typically arrives within two weeks. Once received, you will put this code on the Google My Business website or app to complete the verification process.

In some cases, businesses may have alternative verification options available. It could be verified over the phone or through the Google Search Console. If your business qualifies for one of these methods, the system will automatically detect it. It will guide you accordingly during verification.

[3] Make sure your profile stands out

After verifying your business, ensure to fill out every part of your profile. You need to share as much detail as you can. A comprehensive business listing increases its effectiveness. It can boost your chances of attracting new customers to your store or website.

Once your company verification is complete, it is crucial to ensure that your profile information is accurate and current. This information will be visible to users across Google Search/Maps and other services.

You can begin by double-checking that your address/business hours and contact details are all correct. You can also personalize your profile further by claiming a short name and URL. You must upload your business logo. Adding a cover photo and other images to your profile’s photo display is also recommended. This helps potential customers easily locate your store and get a sense of what you offer.

To conclude

Making use of Google Maps for your business is not just advantageous. It is essential in today’s digital age. Over a billion monthly users rely on it to explore local businesses.
Whether you are a small startup or a large corporation; enhancing your presence on Google Maps can attract new customers. It can enhance your online reputation with reviews and drive targeted traffic to your website.

When you stay updated with new features, you can continuously adapt and thrive in an increasingly competitive market. You must embrace the power of Google Maps to ensure your business stands out. It will thrive in the digital landscape.

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