How Are SEO Professionals Using ChatGPT to Its Fullest Potential?
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How Are SEO Professionals Using ChatGPT to Its Fullest Potential?

Open AI’s recent launch, ChatGPT, has been the talk of the town for a few weeks now. In fact, social media platforms are exploding with incredible use cases of how users can use this large language learning model.

As an SEO professional, if you are intrigued by the introduction of ChatGPT and wish to identify how to leverage it for SEO efforts, then this blog is all that you need. Stick around, and let’s explore how ChatGPT will revolutionize content optimization for good.

An Intro to ChatGPT
Also referred to as ChatGPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer), ChatGPT is a large learning model with a main focus on language. It has the capacity to use massive amounts of data and AI to interact with users. From having valuable conversations to acknowledging mistakes, answering any follow-up questions, challenging incorrect premises and rejecting inappropriate requests, ChatGPT can do it all.

Although this Open AI chatbot isn’t a direct competitor of search engines, it surely is impacting the way searches are conducted. In future, it will dramatically change search engine optimization’s shape for the better.

What can you use ChatGPT for?

One of the most impressive features of ChatGPT is that it can participate in discussions and address queries and doubts in a manner that is quite human-like. It is capable of drafting fictional stories, poems, essays, ad copies and even articles, thereby making professional writers a little worried!

In fact, ChatGPT is so accurate in content generation that the NYC Department Of Education has banned its usage due to the fear of cheating.

Besides producing lengthy content, ChaptGPT is also capable of producing debug codes and meta descriptions. But, using it for coding can get a lengthy and time-consuming process. And looking at the way Open AI is focused on introducing newer and better versions of this AI, it is safe to assume that coding will become much easier using ChatGPT.

Another best use of ChatGPT is as a search assistant. It can answer your queries in a concise manner, preventing you from going through multiple web pages to find the answers.

With that being said, now let’s focus on how SEO pros are using this new invention for their benefit.

Top ways search engine optimizers are harnessing the power of ChatGPT –

1- Content creation
Unless you are a content writer or have a competent writer at your disposal, you might know how difficult it is to produce content.

So, can ChatGPT do content creation for you? Well, it can up to a certain extent. If possible, avoid using it to draft long-form, informative blog posts or web page content.

Why, you might ask? Search engines like Google consider AI-generated content, no matter how human-like they sound, as spam. Such content ends up violating search engine guidelines.

In fact, Google algorithms are capable enough of identifying and penalizing AI-generated content, no matter what anti-detection algorithm the content is optimized with.

Hence, having human oversight when using AI for content generation is crucial.

2- Keyword research and analysis
Just because you can get caught using ChatGPT for a content generation doesn’t mean you cannot use it at all. You can harness its power in certain sections of your content strategy.

For instance, it can make keyword research and analysis effortless for you.

Open the chatbot and add a few keywords relevant to your industry and request the bot to provide related ones. It should provide you with a huge list of related keywords on the basis of its comprehension of the search results.

Compared to other traditional keyword research methods, ChatGPT can save you hours on keyword research and analysis. It can also help identify how competitive each keyword is.

3- Content strategy development
ChatGPT can assist in content strategy development, too. Don’t believe us? Check this tweet from Joe Speiser.

Even though ChatGPT isn’t capable of producing granular returns, it surely helps with a high-level set of tactics for specific field-related content.

However, one drawback of using the chatbot-suggested content strategy is that even your competitors (using ChatGPT) might be suggested the same, meaning you will end up producing near-identical posts.

4- To comprehend the search intent better
One of the most interesting SEO-related potentials of ChatGPT is its ability to dig deeper into search queries. It can look beyond the words and identify the intent of the search.

Of course, Google has been doing the same thing for years and has improved a lot in comprehending search intent better, but it only takes your query and tries to answer it. ChatGPT, on the other hand, takes your query and even improves it.

Given the learning ability of ChatGPT, it is only relevant to assume that this chat AI will develop an astronomically greater understanding of what the users are seeking through their searches and even provide details that users did not realize they were looking for.

5- To produce compelling SEO titles
If you think that generating the introduction, body and conclusion of the content is challenging, then you are mistaken. It is the title that takes forever.

In fact, most writers face writer’s block while deciding the title. After all, it is the title that grabs the reader’s attention, thereby compelling him/her read further.

A boring title can result in content failure, no matter how informative, value-adding and statistically accurate the information insider is.

Thankfully, ChatGPT can prove a boon here. It can provide you with a huge list of potential and more interesting titles based on your query.

6- Generating and managing analytics report
As a marketer, do you also get annoyed and stressed when it comes to creating reports and spreadsheets? But without producing data, how will you showcase that your efforts are making a difference?

Consider using ChatGPT for your benefit.

It can help determine new ranking opportunities that you otherwise might have overlooked.

With just basic knowledge of expressions and limited programming background, you can generate lists automatically using the chatbot.

Similarly, if you have a hard time using Excel sheets or Google sheets, ChatGPT can eliminate most of the headaches by parsing data and writing formulas for you.

7- Social media marketing
Do you wish to strengthen your overall marketing efforts? Combine social media marketing with ChatGPT.

Not only will you be able to produce content that is customized specifically for your marketing initiatives and objectives, but you will also be able to generate clickable and shareable content. ChatGPT can also assist in tracking engagement performance with data analytics’ analyzation.

By enabling ChatGPT to produce content, you can generate engaging posts that grab the target audience’s attention seamlessly.

In short, ChatGPT is capable of creating prompts that make even the cold audience click your content and come back for more!

8- Generate content in different languages
If you already have a blog post in your hand but wish to translate it into a local language, then ChatGPT can prove a useful tool.

All you need to do is provide ChatGPT with the original content written in one language and request it to translate the content to an available language.

Once done, ensure that you rewrite this translation to make it sound both professional and natural. The thing is, you will save a lot of time here and even money on hiring the local language writer.

Eventually, you will end up producing content even for native customers on search engines.

9- To establish the EEAT factor
ChatGPT can help you establish trust and authority in the digital realms, too.

Using its deep AI system and reinforcement learning feature, ChatGPT can recommend the best content for website optimization, thereby putting what the readers actually want in front of them.

Just let the bot know what your brand does and the type of experience you wish to produce.

ChatGPT can be used to comprehend the amount of (Experience, Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness) EEAT factors needed for various content types.

Other important things ChatGPT can support you with include –

  • Develop website name– Type answers about the topics and niches you wish to write about; ChatGPT will end up giving some excellent ideas on domain names. When combined with human feedback, AI ends up producing great domain names in little to no time.
  • Suggestions with internal linking– Do you wish to create inbound links to boost SEO efforts? Provide ChatGPT with a published topics cluster. It will produce internal linking ideas in no time.

To summarize
All the information available in the public domain about ChatGPT suggests that it is an excellent tool. With proper use, it can evidently make search engine optimization more efficient and faster.

Using ChatGPT for the functionalities listed above, you save hundreds, if not thousands, of hours on a yearly basis. Just ensure that you don’t use the content produced by this AI as-is, given it isn’t 100% accurate and unbiased. Also, it draws data from no later than 2021, meaning you will require adding current events to your content manually.

But, assuming the later versions of ChatGPT will remedy its current limitations, we expect it to revolutionize the industry for good!

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