How AI is changing the Future of SEO and Digital Marketing
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How AI is changing the Future of SEO and Digital Marketing

The rapidly evolving AI tech is radically redefining how we use technology and altering the nature of digital marketing and SEO. In a survey of global marketers performed in late 2020, it was discovered that 41% of participants saw improved performance and increased revenue growth due to using AI in their marketing campaigns. Another 38% cited the use of AI in marketing to deliver personalized customer experiences.

On that note, it is quite crucial to assess how such a disruptive technology like AI is transforming and revolutionizing the world of SEO and digital marketing. Let’s take a look!

How Artificial Intelligence Is Making A Difference

AI has revolutionized the digital world, from Amazon’s personalized suggestions to Google’s RankBrain and Voice search. AI has proven to have better knowledge, prediction, and data analysis capabilities than humans do when spotting marketing trends. Hence, it is fast adding more value than people for getting better results from SEO campaigns.

Be it improved segmentation, better understanding of user behavior, or finding high performance keywords for SEO success, there are many areas that AI taps into for adding incredible value and velocity to SEO success

The benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) in digital marketing are listed below:

  • Improved Understanding of Your Customers: To provide your target customers with precisely what they want, AI can analyze the data to forecast their purchasing trends and choices.
  • More Effective Marketing: Using AI’s data-driven research, you can now develop a more successful marketing plan for your company.
  • Enhanced Productivity: AI allows you to handle several repetitive tasks. You may be more productive as a result of this. More than 51% of decision-makers, according to Forbes’ Joe McKendrick, “believe that expense reduction is the area where AI is delivering first.” AI is assisting companies in boosting sales and cutting expenses.
  • Increased ROI: AI enables you to make wiser choices and produce content that performs better. You will be able to reach the correct audience with the aid of AI in digital marketing strategies. Instead of going blind, you get a concrete strategy to reach out to targeted leads and ensure maximum success potential.
  • Enhanced Personalization: One of the most prominent digital trends companies pursue is personalization. Providing a customer experience that is in line with the preferences and unique requirements of the customer is the practice. They quickly embrace a ‘call to action’ and trigger-based communications that boost engagement. How well you know the client will significantly impact your ability to personalize.
  • Customer Behavior Prediction and Research: Regarding marketing research, online behavior encompasses everything a person does. Your devices, the websites you visit, the ads you interact with, the pages you navigate to, when and how you depart, and so on. It is recorded whenever a customer taps on something and occasionally when you don’t.
  • A better user experience: By using AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants, marketers can provide 24/7 customer service, improving customer engagement and satisfaction. The result is improved user experience that speeds up buyer journey towards successful conversion.
  • Chatbot-assisted real-time customer support: A strategy called chatbot marketing makes use of chatbots to advertise your company. On a selected messaging app or your website, it automatically markets your goods, gathers leads, and takes orders. This enhances the efficiency of the SEO team and accelerates outcomes from tactical campaigns.

How Is SEO Being Revolutionized By Artificial Intelligence?


  • Personalizing Search Results: Based on the user’s search past and behavior, personalized search results are displayed. Users don’t have to sift through various results. They see only those results that align with their interest and preferences.
  • Optimize voice search: Optimize Voice Search by processing natural language to recognize users’ search-based requirements and deliver pertinent results. This will be a true game changer for forward-looking SEO experts.
  • Thanks to image and video recognition technology, search engines can display relevant results by understanding the context of pictures and videos.
  • Predictive Analysis: By analyzing user search data and predictive analysis and providing personalized recommendations, AI predictive analysis helps understand users’ preferences and allows websites to maximize user experience. It allows marketers to adjust their strategies in real-time and stay ahead of the competition.
  • Natural Processing language: Users can comprehend queries and receive more pertinent search results thanks to natural processing language. When the results returned as accurate, searchers become more confident on the search engine’s capabilities to deliver the right results for every search query.

Real-Life Use Cases of AI In Digital Marketing

1. Alibaba – The largest e-commerce site in the world, operated by the Chinese firm Alibaba, sells more goods than Amazon and eBay. Alibaba heavily relies on artificial intelligence (AI) to predict possible consumer purchasing trends in its daily operations. The business autonomously creates product descriptions for the website using natural language processing.

Alibaba’s City Brain initiative, which aims to build smart cities, is another instance of how it employs artificial intelligence. The project uses AI algorithms to assist in easing traffic congestion by keeping track of every car in the city.

Additionally, Alibaba uses artificial intelligence to assist farmers in crop monitoring to lower expenses through cloud computing and increase yield.

2. Alphabet – Google’s parent business is Alphabet. The company’s self-driving technology subsidiary, Waymo, started as a Google project. Waymo wants to make self-driving technology available to everyone to lessen crashes and transport people around the globe. Self-driving taxis powered by autonomous vehicles are presently transporting passengers throughout California.

The business cannot collect fares, and a human driver still operates the vehicle during the pilot scheme. When Google purchased DeepMind, it demonstrated its dedication to deep learning. The AlphaGo program was the first to defeat a skilled Go player and taught the system to play 49 various Atari games.

3. Amazon – Amazon is not only a player in the artificial intelligence space thanks to Alexa, its virtual helper, but artificial intelligence is also present in many facets of the company’s operations. Amazon uses artificial intelligence in a novel manner by sending you items before you even consider purchasing them.
They gather a lot of information about an individual’s purchase patterns and are confident that the gathered information will enable them to suggest products to their customers and, more lately, use predictive analytics to foresee what they will need before they do. Amazon Go is a new convenience store concept offered by America’s largest e-tailer when many brick-and-mortar stores struggle to remain relevant.

4. Apple: One of the biggest technology firms in the world, Apple sells online services, computer software, and consumer electronics like the iPhone and Apple Watch.

In products like the iPhone, which offers FaceID functionality, or in products like the HomePod, Apple Watch, AirPod and speakers, where it offers the Siri personal assistant, Apple employs artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Apple is expanding the range of services it offers, and it now uses AI to suggest songs on Apple Music, locate photos in iCloud, and help you find your next appointment on Maps.

5. IBM – IBM For many years, IBM has been on the cutting edge of artificial intelligence. Over 20 years have passed since IBM’s Deep Blue chess program became the first to defeat a human world champion.

The business then won more man versus machine contests, including the Jeopardy quiz show with its Watson computer. Project Debater, an achievement in artificial intelligence for IBM, is the most recent.

This AI, a cognitive computing engine, fought against two expert debaters and created human-like arguments.

Artificial intelligence will eventually rule the world is no longer just a theory; it is becoming a reality. Additionally, it has impacted many aspects of our existence and has been developing for a long time. Similarly, search engine algorithms powered by AI will develop over time.

The key is to stay informed about these developments, do your homework, and learn how to use them to your advantage to raise the visibility of your business on social media and search engine results in pages.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we can say that the way we engage with technology is completely transformed by artificial intelligence, including search engine optimization and digital marketing.

Traditional SEO strategies are losing effectiveness as AI-powered algorithms become more sophisticated while new strategies develop.

Websites must produce high-quality content, optimize for long-tail keywords and conversational phrases, and include descriptive filenames, alt text, and captions for pictures and videos to be optimized for AI-powered search engines.

Websites can raise their search engine rankings and increase their number of visitors by implementing AI-powered SEO tactics. Digital marketing is also gaining gradual control. Much more needs to be accomplished in this field. As digital marketers are following the development of AI and trying to incorporate the latest changes every day, let’s see what the future has in store for us.

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