Google’s Fred Update- Confirmed!

A real confirmation has been finally received the update named Google Fred Update. This update is meant for targeting the content sites, which contains a low value.

John Mueller spoke about this particular issue in his Webmaster Hangout, and after an hour and a half, Gary Illyes confirmed the update in his tweet.

John Mueller was asked about the update and he gave a wonderful answer to all the questions in return. One of the questions was about the issue, that if people are following all the Google guidelines and still can’t get to the top rankings, then what can they do?….also, people were thinking that Fred update is turning off the lights.

In answer to such issues, John replied that Initially if all the people are following the guidelines made by Google, then things are going right in a technical way, this means that there are only quality issues on any site if still, the ranking is low. It indicates that you need an overall improvement in your content and on your site and you need to focus on the quality if you want to reach to the higher ranks.

Thus, there is no specific answer to such type of questions and there is no particular meta tag which could transform the quality of your site. In general, you require to take a big leap or may be a step back, like you need to get people who might be interested in your content to view your site and provide some suggestions and advice, which will help you in making your site better as compared to other sites. A survey will be a good option to get the answers to all your queries, people will tell you what more you can do to get ahead in the competition. You can focus on the tweak things and as well as improve the quality in a subtle way to get the higher rank. You need to take a stab at it and also require to figure out what efforts you can make to enhance the overall quality of your site.

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