Google expanded text ads: Things you need to know –

Expanded Text Ads are one of the numerous huge AdWords changes that Google announced on the 29th of July, 2016. Yes, and we still can’t believe that Google will soon actually increase its ad text limits by 2x!
So, what will be the change? Well, here are the things advertisers and agencies need to know about Expanded Text Ads:
What Are Expanded Text Ads?
Expanded text ads are 2x bigger than the usual text ads. The new ads are designed to maximize your visibility on mobile search results with bigger headline and longer description. Google started texting these ads in Q2 of 2016.
Reason for this change
Google titles this as the biggest change to text ads in last 15 years.
In February, 2016, google killed off right side ads on desktop so, keeping that moderation in mind, this change seems like a natural advancement from the super-sized headlines which were introduced in 2011.
– Size of these Expanded ads
These are 2x bigger in size or precisely 47 percent bigger than the usual today’s text ads. You will now have 140 characters of ad copy space for usage.
Headlines of expanded ads
You will have two 30 – character headlines when expanded text ads become available.
The headlines will soon increase by 140 percent!
Descriptions of expanded ads
In comparison to the current limit of two 35 – character, you will now have one 80 – character description line. That means, the descriptions will increase by 14 percent.
Change in the Display URLs
To enhance the display URL, you can now add up to two paths.
AdWords will extract the domain from the final URL.
Effect on CTR
More text means greater visibility. Reports indicate that Expanded Text Ads are seeing CTR increase by 20 percent. It is expected that increase in the character count of headlines and description will result in more clicks.

When the New Ads roll out is expected?
There is no official revelation regarding the access to Expanded Text Ads yet. However, we will keep our blog updated with the latest developments.
What is to be done to prepare for these Ads?
You will have to start raising your quality scores now! There is a lot of ad text optimization to be done. To take the advantage of this new arrangement, you have to make sure that all your ad texts are rewritten.
Google is giving you 2x more space, utilize it for your best.

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