Google AdWord’s brings in all new Expanded Ads

Attention Advertisers! Google brings a great news for you all! Google has officially launched the expanded text ads for AdWords platform. Now you have a chance to brag about your product in a larger way. The double heading ads have started to roll out for all sorts of devices to grab the maximum span of customers online. This latest and the most of the awaited offering by Google comes with the option of device bidding and responsive display ads for native. This surprise was first announced at Google Performance Summit held in May.

According to Sudeep Jai, the person who oversees text ads at Google explained that the existing ads would be appearing alongside the expanded ads. However, you will not be able to see any of the standard ads after October 26, 2016, as the option of uploading standard text ads will no longer be available. Google has not declared any dates for the vanishing of the standard ads but has given enough time to the advertisers to make sure that they have enough time to test and get used to the expanded ad fashion.

The expanded ads will include two headlines, each containing 30 characters and a description of up to 80 characters. Google has said that that the extra copy was designed so that the mobile users get more information and cite and average bump of 20% in CTR during the early tests conducted. Though there are some complaints about the second headline of the ad to get truncated, AdWords has suggested using maximum 33 characters in order to avoid their headlines getting chopped off online. The advertisers can preview their ads before publishing them online.

Advertisers can set the base bid adjustments for various platforms like mobile, tablet and desktop. Google will generate responsive ads as well from a headline, description, image and URL provided by the advertisers.

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