Google AdWords and Machine Learning – Smart Bidding and the uses

Machine learning is the future of Google search and Google is paying a great deal of attention towards it. The supply of data by Google in increasing at a fast pace and the use of machine learning is going to improve only in the time to come.

The present scenario is a little complex as advertisers are in fix of whether to opt for manual approach or use the alternative Google automation for the desired results. There are many machine-learning features to be discussed but here we will focus on smart bidding:

Smart Bidding

Smart bidding is nothing but a joint work of machine learning and the contextual signals that will optimise bids at auction level. Billions of data signals are likely to be calculated based on the performance targets. The multiple strategies available are:

  • Target ROAS
  • Target CPA
  • Enhanced CPC
  • Maximise conversation

All these facets will support the marketing goals and they all have their own pros and cons. Their achievement will depend on your need and selection.

Using Smart Bidding

Some of the reasons to make use of smart bidding are:

  • It looks are the search query rather than keyword.
  • To predict a conversation, it analyses search context.
  • It even works of low volume keywords even if they do not have a history data.
  • The user’s historical data is incorporated.
  • Command the auction time signals that are available on Google.

What is the right time to use smart bidding?

Experts have found out three situations where smart bidding is beneficial:

  1. If you can align your marketing goals with smart bidding.
  2. When the importance of auction level signals are high
  3. When you know the manual, work is not getting good results.
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