“Going viral: The top social media marketing columns of 2016″

In this marketing strategy you need to focus on creating an active one like creating a fan page and the important aspects are to be kept in mind like the visual effects that you can add as for any customer beauty lies in what they see on the internet.
2016, an unforgettable year…. Here are some amazing examples:
The Year of Live Video
Live video became one of the amazing feature for social networks. In 2016, it established in the form of business. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube started paying celebrities and media companies to fabricate new live videos.
The Year Of Fake News
In the year 2016, fake news were getting viral like fake election news in the U.S. the employees of Facebook were given orders by the CEO to manage the task.
The War Between Instagram and Snapchat
After so many years Facebook tried to break the chain of Snapchat by offering $3 Billion. But, In the month of August, Instagram copied one of the main features of Snapchat.Due to which, snapchat has launched its new version of Snapchat’s Live Stories.

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