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Get More Customers Traffic by Listing Your Business on Local Business Listing Sites

Owning a business and having a great product or service is not enough. People, that is, prospective customers should be able to find out about your business. An important way of doing this is through online marketing. Increased exposure improves visibility.

In present times, all businesses compete to get potential target leads faster than their competitors. Apart from online marketing campaigns and advertisements, you should consider listing your local business in the online business directories available, like Apple Maps, Yelp, Facebook, and others for better exposure.

What is a local business listing?

A local business listing, as the term indicates, is when your business is listed on a variety of online directories that contain all relevant information about your business.

When a person searches for locally available services and products, if a search engine considers your listing to be appropriate, it is displayed in the search results. It displays the actual location of your business on a map with other essential information to help the prospective customer locate your business, like the URL of the website, product information and/or service information, phone number, and so on.

Let us have a look at a few statistics about local business listings.
-92% of people search for a local business on the internet.
-71% of people click on the top page results of the local business listing.
-88% of people trust online reviews.
-72% of people take action after reading a positive review.

How to list your local business in an online directory?

It usually happens that local business listing sites put up your business’ listing on their site without rendering accurate data about your business. They can get data from data providers or even syndicate data from other sites or apps, etc. However, to reach out to your targeted audience, you should check your listing on all the business listing sites and claim your already submitted business listing. If your listing is not there on the listing site, you should create a new listing of your business.

To have your business listed in an online directory, you should do the following:

  1. Get your business information ready, like the name of the business, phone number, address, and website URL.
  2. Update the data providers.
  3. Claim or optimize the main listings.
  4. Claim industry-specific listing.
  5. Use search engine optimization to improve your rankings on search engines.
  6. Try and obtain customer reviews, and have a system to manage these reviews.
  7. Ensure that you respond to customer reviews on a daily or weekly basis.

Why is local business listing required?

The data that is part of your business listing tells a search engine if your business, what it offers, and the location matches the search query of the user. If it is found to match, the listing is displayed in the search results with the business’ physical location on a map and the necessary business information.

Here are some top reasons why a local business listing is something you should consider:

Better Visibility

You can reach prospective customers and convert them into actual customers. So, it is a good idea to register your business to connect with who can look you up online depending on the location and type of business they choose.


The local business listing provides the contact details of your business easily to people so that they can call you when they need to. You can showcase what you offer anytime, anywhere through a local business listing.

Brand Development

Not only big companies, but small ones need branding too. It is important to differentiate yourself from competitors. You are discoverable by potential clients when you have a listing. Also, good customer reviews create a good image for your business. If you get bad reviews, then use that feedback to improve your business and convert unhappy customers to brand champions.

Detailed Information about Business

When you have a business listing, customers can see information like the type of service you offer, your website, working days and hours, important updates, photos, and customer reviews. Users can easily click on your website link to learn about your business – this is great publicity!

Cost-Effective Investment

Online directories enable you to reach large audiences in a short time, and it is not as costly as other methods of promoting your brand.

So do not wait anymore but get your business listed on an online directory!

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