Expected SEO & Google Trends in 2018

In February 2011, Google Panda update targeted spam and low- quality content to enhance search reliability. In 2018, it is expected of Google to keep giving relevance to content higher priority as a ranking factor.

As 20% of the mobile search requests are the voice and as the voice search keeps on growing, featured snippets are bound to increase. Featured snippets might take over the top organic listing’s place in this fresh year. Furthermore, artificial intelligence (AI)is going to give more impetus to different search aspects. Google’s machine
With Google continuing deeper usage of AI with inclusion into search algorithms, search results will not behave in less predictable ways. AI will make little changes in long-term SEO strategies. Optimized AI will require optimized search strategy for humans. It is also expected that Google may launch algorithm update to target manipulative guest posting. So, search engine rankings of websites with unhelpful content will take some hit in the long term.

Both Google and Bing track unlinked brand mentions to utilize them as a ranking signal. With AI increasing its influence, “linkless” mentions of this type will largely affect search rankings. Such a strategy can provide a boost to smaller brands falling below the threshold of earning press.

This highlights the importance of being involved in conversations on the web, and the importance of inciting those conversations yourself.

In 2018, Google is expected to go for further crackdown on interstitial ads so that the users can convincingly use websites without the mess of deceptive advertising.

So, all the SEO experts need to do is focus on long-term strategies to stay competitive.

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