Drop in Website Traffic but Webpage Rankings Remain The Same

It is recent possibility publishers are experiencing, there is a drop in the website traffic but the search engine rankings remain the same. One can cross check with the various SEO tools, AdSense impressions, and analytics that there is a drop in the website traffic without a change in the ranking.

This is a weird scenario and people are looking to fix it the way they can. Before you reach the stage of fixing it, you first need to determine the causes of such a problem. Often it is observed that the problems are outside the site only.

  • When you observe a sudden drop in the traffic, this can happen due to the change in user behavior. For example, when a new product is introduced in the market, change in rates of other products or any such disruption in the industry will cause a drop in your website traffic. Use Google trends to find out whether your industry is going upwards, downwards or holding steady in the market.
  • Another reason for a drop in your website traffic is the way search engine is displaying results. There are even changes in the index and this may lead to drop in your website traffic.
  • There might be other reasons like Google displaying the sites with detailed snippets first, Google not showing carousels ads and many more.

Fixing your problem

Well, there is a possibility that there is nothing wrong with your website but you need to observe the outside changes and look for the possibility to make changes in your website. For example, you can add a detailed snippet if you found your snippet a little shorter.

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