Did You Know These 8 Reasons Why You Must Avoid Services From Cheap SEO Providers
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Did You Know These 8 Reasons Why You Must Avoid Services From Cheap SEO Providers

It is no secret that a good and effective solution to a problem or a service will never be cheap or easily affordable. This is because they know their worth, and because of their capability, they’re selling their services at slightly higher prices. If the right services are not hired that are reliable and trustworthy, then those services can cause havoc for you and may be the reason for the failure of your business.

The word cheap here is subjective, and depending upon your revenue and business, you may or may not find the services cheap. If you’re a business earning in lakhs, buying services worth a couple of thousands may not be a big issue. But if you’re not earning less than a lakh, then affording them may seem preposterous for you.

Since SEO is responsible for the success of your online business venture, you must hire an affordable SEO service. Depending upon the request and the work, you can find many services that are ready to offer their services to you. A good SEO service will help you retain at the top of Google’s search results. It was seen that around the first five results that show up on Google are organic, and they account for 67% of the clicks.

The websites that show up on the first five results are handled by some good SEO teams. How you choose your SEO services, and the way you handle them will help you succeed. Therefore this article will focus on why you should not select a cheap SEO service and instead will also help you decide which SEO service will be the best option for you.

1- They won’t be able to provide high-quality SEO optimized content


Experts say that around 36% of SEO professionals believe that heading and the website content is the most important part of an SEO element. If the SEO service cannot come up with unique and high-quality content, then there are almost no chances that clients will read your content or stay on your website. Content that is poorly written affects the brand image, and therefore a good SEO service must provide high-quality content.

2- They won’t be able to manage the backlinks requirements

Having high-quality content is not enough. You should have quality backlinks. Studies have found that around 55.24% of pages don’t even have a single backlink. This itself is enough to help you understand the importance of backlinks. At the same time, the other 30% of the pages have less than three backlinks. Cheap services will get the work done by pasting random backlinks and links to your website, which are of no use. Having good backlinks will help your brand get brand awareness and will be visible to the target audience.

3- Cheap services may not be patient and dedicated

All cheap services look for methods to get clients, and then they do as they please. They will hook you by talking about the services they will offer, and once the SEO company gets the clients, they don’t fulfill their promise. Having a dedicated SEO team will help you generate organic leads, and also your target audience will come to know more about your services. Also, around 70% of professionals consider SEO to be more effective than PPC, and getting good results from SEO takes time and patience.

4- They do not have the right professionals to get the job done

If an SEO company offers its services at cheaper rates, it means they are hiring low-cost labor to get the job done. These people are not experienced and cannot help you get your desired outcome. A good and affordable service will employ professionals with experience who can deliver the results in time. These professionals also do not work cheaply hence you will be satisfied with their work.

5- They tend to use free automated online tools

Some say that getting things done with an automated tool might be a good thing, and it is. But for the long run or for building a brand, it is not the right choice. Your business needs quality content, quality backlink, and experienced people working to increase your brand awareness. These items cannot be properly accomplished by an automated tool. It requires the touch of a professional.

6- They may not improve your social media handles


SEO services not only handle your website but also improve your social media handles. 73% of businesses believe that social media helps improve their sales and is a great way to promote their brand. There are numerous examples of businesses that first started on social media and made it to the online website world. One such example is Courtyard LA, a company that sells apparel online.

7- You cannot have any leverage to hold upon these cheap SEO services

A cheap SEO service prioritizes getting clients more than doing the work for the clients they have. This will lead to you spending your precious capital on people who are not bothered to finish the job. By the time you realize this and opt for canceling their services, they must have targeted other clients and won’t be bothered by you leaving the firm. As a business, you will bear the responsibility and suffer the losses and begin your search for new SEO service from scratch.

8- They cannot guarantee a long-term success

As a business, you need to have patience and SEO to ensure that you get the desired results. But a cheap SEO service is not the right choice as they are not in it for the long run. In the beginning, to gain your trust, you may see an increase in the number of monthly visits or an increase in the organic search rankings, but that is it. They will not work that hard to ensure that you get your website in Google’s first page results.

But then, how do you select the best SEO service that will help you in the long run? You follow these steps.


1- Mention your goals and specify what services you need

First, figure out what help you need from the SEO team and which areas of your online presence need improvement. Mention those requirements ahead of time and let them offer you their best services.

2- Understand how the company tracks your data

It is important that all the data needs to be stored and monitored from time to time to improve and come up with unique strategies. Data such as phone inquiries, email responses, site visits, and click-through rates are all important data, and a company that tracks and monitors these data can help you improve your rankings.

3- Read the reviews and testimonials online


Do not blindly believe the reviews and client testimonials of people who have left their feedback on their company website. People have also started paying clients to give a good review of their website. Therefore check the reviews on other websites such as Yelp or Glassdoor. These websites are unbiased and will give you valuable and true feedback from employees and clients.

4- Consult with them directly

You can understand how the company treats its clients by finding it out by yourself. Book an appointment or schedule an online meeting with the company and make an informed decision. Look whether they are overselling or how is their attitude towards you. Before attending the meeting, research their work and ask them about some strategies approved by other clients. This will help you create a trusting and loyal relationship with the company.

5- Ask them about the tools used by them


A good and reliable company will have all the best tools at its disposal. Therefore, you must inquire about the tools used by them and how they have used the tools to benefit other clients.

6- Ask other businesses for references

Your friends and colleagues who use different SEO services can help you find the right SEO company for you. People who are using the service can easily help you recommend the best company as per your needs. Once you get references, please do some research online and look at how they are using all the data and how good is theri track record is.

7- Specify your budget


Since SEO companies have different budgets for different services, you must specify your budget and then choose the plan best suited for you. But remember that low-costing services may not necessarily be the ones you want. The biggest disadvantage of hiring these cheap services is that they come up with ways to get the job done quickly, which can cause major problems in the future related to Google’s algorithms.

The last word

Depending on your needs and budget, different SEO services have made different packages and services for you. But always remember that the company you use and choosing experienced staff plays a very important role in ensuring you succeed in your online venture of generating leads and increasing your sales.

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