Common Myths about SEO

SEO has been the most important aspect for creating a website. A good SEO is the only reason why websites get a good reach and listing on Google search. But there are a lot of confusions AKA myths which have been going around for quite a long time. Here is a list of some of the most common SEO myths –

If you delete the account from Google My Business, Google automatically deletes your account. This is the reason why a lot of business owners become skeptical about how to get rid of such kind of problem. The reality is that removing a list from Google My Business will actually make the listing unverified.
If you fail to claim your business, your business rank will go down. People get a lot of calls related to this same issue that your business will be removed from Google unless you get it verified. The reality is that the verification status will not affect the ranking of the website on the internet at all.
The professional’s listings on Google are considered as duplicate and cannot be removed. Truth be told, if the professional walks out of your office, you can state that professional is retired and has stopped working. This will get your listing marked as moved.
If your share the updates on Google plus, you will get more views. It is definitely a fact that Google plus has emerged as a great social platform for promoting anything. But still, you cannot expect extreme levels of promotion of your website by sharing on Google plus. So it’s better that you just remove that Google plus share button from your website as it is of no use.
These were some common myths related to SEO for your website.

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