Best Practices That You Must Know If You Use Multiple Sites For SEO

For SEO, if you are using multiple websites that are hosted on the different domain, then you need to consider few things otherwise, you won’t get an expected result. There are several pros and cons that you must know and in the following points, we’ll discuss the same.


Companies having different brands or a variety of products/service offerings can greatly benefit from multiple sites.
For niche markets, if there is not too much competition, then multiple sites can help you achieve more recognition among potential customers. Your company will be more visible on google thereby, increasing brand awareness.
It may seem odd, but duplicate content is of great help sometimes. It is most beneficial in case of retailing as you can market or sell similar products on more than one website.


The biggest disadvantage of using multiple sites is that you have to split link authority between them. This can prove disastrous when in competitive businesses where several companies are fighting over the same type of keywords.
Another drawback is that for using multiple sites efficiently, you need to brand all of your sites and perform social media optimization for each site.
Best practices
If you are selling same product through different sites, then it is better that you link these sites. Doing this will not only ensure less maintenance but also can lessen the cost.
You should not replicate websites exactly and instead, you must ensure that most of the content in each website is original.
So, it is safe to say that you can use multiple websites for SEO, but at the same time, you must understand that there are certain things that you need to ensure.

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