All You Need to Know About Improving The Google My Business Ranking

The ranking of Google My Business listing is something that every entrepreneur is focusing on right now to come up in the top 10 category. Factually speaking, only then can it help you on a serious note. To improve your ranking, you need to up your SEO game drastically. You have to concentrate on all 4 major parts of SEO – content strategy, backlinks, technical SEO and local search.

Content Strategy

  1. First things first, you need to be clear with the how quality and quantity both matters in your SEO strategy. You cannot put in a single article with hundreds of keywords in it and nor will a small article with just one or two keywords help you. Go for specific and relevant content with no grammatical errors at all. While the word count for inner pages can be between 500-700 words but it has to be around 1000 words for the landing page.
  2. You need to create keyword rich content but it has to make sense. You cannot just stuff keyword without making any sense. Always go for an educational approach through your SEO content as Google picks up unique and informative content. Do not shy away from using long-tail keywords and always look to write on diverse topics to improve your credibility.
  3. Try including the names of the county or city in your content to make it an effective plan.
  4. Niche-blogging has become a huge tool in terms of taking your SEO strategy to a new level. Write on the trending topics and create FAQ videos as well. You can use guest blogs as well to get good quality backlinks from established sites.
  5. Create a strong about us and credential page, as Google has started looking at legitimacy of the work more than the quantity. This is why you need to come up with good quality information content.

Technical SEO

  1. The technical aspect of SEO consists of making your content usable for mobiles as well. By this way, you can make universal content. Do include title tags and meta descriptions to improve your SEO score.
  2. The loading speed of each of your pages determines how good your website is. While checking on Google Page insight tool, 80-100 is a good enough score for you.
  3. Including Schema in your content is necessary.
  4. SEO Yoast, Google XML sitemaps and W3 Total Cache Plugin are the top plugins that you can use for WordPress.
  5. You need to create a strong link building setup where other websites trust you and use your website to create backlinks for you.
  6. Always focus on creating local build links to help the community you are targeting as it helps in organic growth of your website. Put in some recurring events like a scholarship or giveaways to keep your audience engaged.


  1. Make sure you get your backlinks from trusted sources only. Even a single spam backlink can cause a lot of damage to your website. Furthermore, Avoid reciprocal link building.
  2. Using infographics for your content always helps as Google catches such content quickly. This helps in your website ranking tremendously.
  3. Try to include podcasts and FAQ videos as well to improve the SEO. Such kind of backlinking helps tremendously by improving your reach on the net significantly.
  4. Including the use of Ahrefs will help you review the backlinks and rating of particular page or domain which in turn can be useful to you for backlinking. You can check for you lost links as well.

Local Search

  1. For organic search, link signals, on-page and technical signals and behavioral signals are the important ones in improving the your search value.
  2. For local search, Google My Business signal, review signals, local citation signals, local link building signal and the authority of the website all matter to form the best results for you.

Since it is Google MyBusiness page is the first information people get about your company, you need to include your address and contact details along with a registered location on Google maps.

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