6 ways marketers try to influence subscribers and the reasons to stop-

Read on to know about six email marketing manipulations and the reasons why subscribers are being misguided –
1. You just cannot start a relationship assuming that people who’re not interested in receiving your email are stupid or lazy. Using passive-aggressive language and trying to guilt your prospect customers can do a lot of damage to your brand.
2. Making email opt-ins a mandatary checkout process stands a risk of losing the prospect customers. You wouldn’t want to frustrate your buyers by spamming their mailbox right?
3. Emails from unknown senders stand a high risk of being reported as spam. People first look at the sender’s name and if it is an unknown one, they tend to delete it even before reading the subject line. So, use your brand’s name for better engagement.
4. Misleading subject lines can generate curiosity and get you clicks but, irrelevant messages are the prime cause of opt-outs among all age groups. Instead, consider using subject lines which are supported by descriptive preview text.
5. Trying to trick mail boxes into retabbing your emails may increase your visibility but you’re brand is less likely to be welcomed by your prospects. Hence, let your prospects manage their inbox and if they need your information, they’ll find your emails easily.
6. Hiding unsubscribe links is another mistake that most brands make, When people find it difficult to unsubscribe, they’re most likely to use never-fail button. Spam complaints can be more damaging than unsubscribes.

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